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TOP: H&M (similar) // SKIRT: Lulu’s // SUNNIES: Tod’s // SHOES: ShoeMint // NECKLACE: Forever 21 – old (similar)

Mattieologie: The World Is Mine

Mattieologie blue peplum top, blue peplum top, black and white striped skirt, Lulu's striped skirt, ShoeMint silver pumps

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It’s so funny. We make plans to be these super extra spectacular versions of ourselves. But what steps have we truly taken aside from planning?

These last couple of weeks, things have really turned around for me. I mean, I’ll be the first admit that I had a good life and decent work ethic before, but I’ve really cranked up my focus and intention within the last 14 days. And I’m happy to tell you the results were/are almost instantaneous.

Instead of thinking of an idea, act on it. You might mess around and get exactly what you wanted. After all, the world is yours.

all photos by Nes Abdulai

7 Responses to The World Is Mine

  1. lala

    hi! love the outfit. did it just work out that the pleats lined up? or did you do something special? thanks!

  2. GOR-GEOUS! You look so polished! Great advice at the end, too!

    Maya| Petite & Unique

  3. Love this look! I need to recreate this look.

  4. Love the outfit and you are rocking those braids!

  5. Great look! I remember this skirt from your post with the Tennessee Whiskey tee. Loved that & love this! I probably never would have thought to rock peplum over this type of skirt but it works so well!

  6. DeVa

    Hello Mattie, to be honest i didnt even look at the outfit the title caught my eye first so i read first left my comment then i will look at your fit! But the title is so TRUE and evrything you said the worlds is ours the only thing that is holding us back is ourselves from reaching our goals and dreams I WANT TO LOOK BACK NEXT SEPTEMBER AND SAY I DID THAT!!! THANKS!!!

  7. Love the outfit & that last quote

    “Instead of thinking of an idea, act on it. You might mess around and get exactly what you wanted. After all, the world is yours.”

    It’s going in my inspiration notebook!

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