The Hills’ Last Season

Hills star Kristin Cavallari on The Hills Aftershow at MTV Canada

So, one of my guilty pleasures – The Hills – returned to television last night for its last season. Hear my take on last night’s episode.

KRISTIN: I mean I don’t know if she’s really on drugs, but she definitely did some experimenting while they were in Miami for Super Bowl. She looked like crap. (Keeping it PG-13 here.) She’s always been a fairly skinny girl, but she was looking extremely frail last night, right? However, I’m still team Kristin + Brody. Can’t explain it. They just work. Glad to hear she lost Justin Bobby.

HEIDI: Where do I start? I tweeted that I feel sorry for Heidi because it’s gotten to a point where she forgot that after the show, it’s REAL LIFE. She looks like she’s in pain. Not just physically but emotionally. I just hope she gets it together. US Weekly just tweeted that she’s addicted to pain killers. And is she getting divorced?! Spencer seems as if he’s snapped. I hope she gets close with her family again and gets a reality check. And did she really say wanted bigger breasts?! Ok, I’m sorry. I’m done.

BRODY: Still hot. No, really. That guy is handsome. But he needs to fall back. Hitting on Audrina is NOT a good look. He needs Kristin. We all know that’s what it’ll come down to anyway.

LO: Still funny. Holds the group together.

STEPHANIE: Eh, never cared for her. But it’s hillarious she’s in AA. Again.

AUDRINA: I’m so happy she found a boyfriend! I feel like she would’ve ended up back with Justin Bobby had she not. Plus, she’s always had boy drama. I’m glad she gets it together. I’m always glad that she’s no longer frenemies with Kristin. Well, we’ll see.


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