Mattie Muse: A Day At The Office

WEARING: H&M printed dress, H&M opaque tights, Qupid Luxe shoes, no name cardigan, Forever 21 earrings & bracelet

I really love this dress – I can literally wear it with anything. Don’t be alarmed if you’ve already seen me in it or see me in it again. I’m a firm believer in remixing. Took some pics here at the office. I work from home and spend lots of time in my home office. Magazines, vision boards and books galore own the room to the point where I had to stack small boxes and cover it with a curtain just to put up my crown, sash and other awards. I know. I need to just buy another shelf. I’m a work in progress. But this is where the Mattieologie magic happens. I’ve also been wearing my hair straight these last couple of weeks (I promise it’s just a blow out) and wearing it up. There’s something about wearing my hair up that makes me feel like a lady. Plus, it commands people’s attention. I’ll be wearing it up whenever I wear it straight until it gets passed my shoulders.

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  2. Love this look, very chic! Especially those shoes! I’m also digging your home office, the decor probably always puts you in a fashion forward mood!

  3. Thanks, lady! Yes, it does. If the site was a room, it would be my office!

  4. CUTE! And that red lipstick has to be one of the best red lip pigments I’ve seen yet! Gorgeous & Classic.

  5. Thanks, Kimberly! It’s Revlon’s Matte Lipstick in Really Red. One of my favorites.

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