Stars & Stripes

Mattieologie: Stars & Stripes

Mattieologie: Stars & Stripes

Mattieologie: Stars & Stripes

Mattieologie: Stars & Stripes

Mattieologie: Stars & Stripes

Mattieologie: Stars & Stripes

Mattieologie: Stars & Stripes

DRESS: ZARA // SHOES: JustFab – old (similar) // BAG: H&M – old () // NECKLACE: my own // BRACELET: Etsy (similar) // LIPSTICK: NYX “Perfect Red”

Hope you all had a fantastic Memorial Day weekend. I know I did.

We didn’t do too much aside from hang with family, get some shopping for the house done & prepare for my birthday dinner this weekend. Hubs was sort of sick (he’s still in denial) this first half of the weekend, but luckily he got better by Saturday thanks to the 3 day weekend. By the time he shot these photos, he was nearly back to 100% :)

I’m 6 months pregnant today and I feel great. I’ve been so blessed to have a nearly flawless pregnancy and I’m so grateful. I’m all belly – which is quite hilarious to me – and I love getting bigger everyday. Babyologie is quite the active one, so I’m even more excited to meet her.

Since I’m mostly belly (don’t get it twisted, some other things have definitely gotten bigger), I’ve resorted to buying mediums instead of my usual size small. Not that I have anything against maternity pieces, but for me, mediums have worked just fine. Here, I’m wearing a cute dress from ZARA, that I would totally wear if I wasn’t pregnant. And that’s the perk of going a up a size or two versus buying straight maternity: you can get it taken in – instead of tossing or selling it – after baby.

I tried to look somewhat patriotic from Memorial Day yesterday. My version of red, white and blue is blue stripes, red lips and trying to look white hot in this heat with a growing belly. Hey, it’s the thought that counts.

10 Responses to Stars & Stripes

  1. LAURA

    You look beautiful!!!

  2. red white and blue suits you : ) and pregnancy too! glad you had a great memorial day

  3. Toni

    Mattie, you look gorgeous! Pregnancy is treating you well. :)

  4. Dana

    Gorgeous, Mattie, just gorgeous!!

  5. Love this look! And the scenery is beautiful!

  6. Malaika Durbin

    Mattie! You look absolutely adorable. And yes…I agree with buying a medium too. Maturity clothes just didn’t suit my style too, or my pregnant body type for that matter. ???? STAY SWEET & GET PLENTY OF REST.

  7. Great look, and I think your plan is working so far. Everything you have been buying so far flatters your body and looks great on you. And like you said, you’ll be able to rewear it later.

  8. Go ahead Ms. Cuteology!

  9. You look beautiful! (Hubs is doing a great job with the photos!)

  10. I’m 6 months pregnant, too – you look great! Definitely all belly. My usual size is a large, so I’m sized out of this particular dress, but you’ve inspired me. I’m now on the hunt for something exactly like this!

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