SKIN: Evening It All Out

Ok, so we know how to get rid of pimples. Great. But what about the marks it’s left on your skin? Not so great. Unless of course you use these products that can help.

Many of us have heard of black soap but haven’t actually use it. What is it made of? Why is it black? Well, black soap usually consists of plaintain skin (plaintain is a popular food in Africa and South America) which is full of Vitamins A and E. (Both are great for skin.) It softens the skins and is gentle enough for babies & elders to use. The oils and vitamins in the soap gently even out the skin while leaving it soft.


Known as great toner, this next product stems from a plant. The extract from the Hamamelis plant is the astringent we know as witch hazel. It stops inflammation of bruises and pimples. (It also helps puffy eyes and varicose veins.) With daily use after washing face and before moisturizing, witch hazel tones and evens out skin gently. Everyone from Walgreens to CVS has their own brand of witch hazel and there are many over the counter treatments.

I know it sounds a bit strange but Neosporin is great for not only getting marks off your face but making the skin incredibly soft as well. But think about it. Neosporin gets rid of scabs and scars, so why couldn’t it get rid of old blemish marks? After exfoliating (right before bed) cover your entire face with a healthy layer of Neosporin. (not too much but not too little) When you wake up, your face should feel fantastic soft. After a couple weeks or so of daily use, you should start to notice your skin evening out and marks fading.

Vitamin E is good for you all around but it particularly works wonders on skin. It’s a great natural moisturizer for your skin. Get your hands on some Vitamin E oil or break the tablet and put the oil directly on skin. Putting it on right before bed is perfect because it’s on your skin for 6-8 hours and really seeps in. Your skin will naturally heal itself from being hydrated and surely start to even out. (Vitamin E is also great from stretch marks, burns and scars.)

Consistency is key whenever you’re trying to even out your skin and maintain healthy skin. Be patient. The results will come. And when they do, you’ll realize your routine was worth it.

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  1. racheal

    just bought the Ambi fade cream….gonna see how it works.

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