Nobody likes their manicure to chip. Especially after 3 days.

SHELLAC is the newest technology in nails that takes half the time to put on but lasts twice the time of a normal manicure. I found out about this new technique after reading about it in the NY Times. (Thanks for the tip, Shay!) Created by CND, Shellac only takes 30 minutes to put on and last for 14 days! The complete set includes the UV COLOR COAT, UV TOP COAT, UV BASE COAT and UV LAMP. The great thing about is: it only takes 10 minutes to remove! Depending on where you get your “Shellacure,” it can cost you anywhere from $34-$70. Right now, “the first hybrid nail” is only available in select salons throughout the country but I’m sure within the 12 to 24 months you’ll be able to find them easily. Find out more about Shellac in the video below.


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