Second Wind

Mattieologie: Second Wind

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Mattieologie: Second Wind

Mattieologie: Second Wind

Mattieologie: Second Wind

Mattieologie: Second Wind

Mattieologie: Second Wind

Mattieologie: Second Wind

JACKET: Target // TOP: Urban Outfitters // JEANS: Target // SHOES: JustFab // BAG: ZARA // HAT: Target // WATCH: Target // BRACELET & RINGS: Forever 21 // NECKLACE: J.Crew // EARRINGS: beauty supply store

It’s hard to believe that there’s only 6 weeks in the year left. So much is going on, has happened and will happen as 2014 arrives. I’m very blessed.

To bring you up to speed, about a month ago I became the style editor of CocoaFab where I write about, wait for it, style. LOL. It’s honestly been amazing to write for the site because I’m such a fan and I create content revolved around fashion, beauty and celebrities. Like, my three favorite topics. The site was created by Angela Burt-Murray, the former editor-in-chief of ESSENCE magazine. In case you haven’t already, be sure to check out my stories (and coming soon, webshow!) here.

This weekend, I got back in the studio (after seven years) and recorded a song! Not many people know I sing, but music literally is my favorite thing in this world. If I can sing it or dance to it, I love it. I have a few things up my sleeve, but even if this just becomes a passion project it’ll be totally worth it. It just makes me so happy.

Singing and writing. Two things that no matter how busy I become, I can’t get away from. A few years ago, that’s all I was doing. I guess you can call this my second wind.

all photos by Porsha Antalan

10 Responses to Second Wind

  1. Michelle

    Wow… Congratulations Dear!!! I love your necklace soooo much btw.

  2. Love, love, love this look! Congratulations on the new edit and everything else! So exciting!

    Maya| Petite & Unique

  3. This is my favorite post of yours – from the scenary, to the outfits and the story you shared! Amazing! Wishing you continued success :)

  4. DeVere

    CONGRATS! !!

  5. Checked out CocoaFab and read some of your work- Great and inspiring as always!!

  6. Yes. Music just does something to me as well. I haven’t recorded anything yet. Mostly a hollerer, but hey.

    Great captures.


  7. Love, love, LOVE these photos and outfit!

  8. killin’em.

  9. This is an amazing look. I love that you paired this look from inexpensive stores. It’s affordable, stylish, and very current on fashion trends. Also, I know what it is like to be singer on the low. I love to sing and I love music, but most people don’t know this about me.

    Congrats on your success, its nothing better than seeing people follow their dreams!

  10. Congrats!! Killed this look too.

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