Mattieologie: Royalty

Mattieologie: Royalty

Mattieologie: Royalty

Mattieologie: Royalty

Mattieologie: Royalty

Mattieologie: Royalty

SHIRT: Mattieologie (buy one here) // SKIRT: Choies // SHOES: ShoeDazzle // NECKLACE: Mattieologie // LIPSTICK: Milani “Sangria”

Happy Monday and Happy MLK Day! You know, my favorite MLK quote is “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” It only takes one candle to light another and I truly try to live my life that way. I’m far from perfect, but ask anyone who knows me and they’ll tell you I’m a positive person who is fearless when it comes to my dreams. If I want to achieve something, I will go after it no matter if I fall or fail. It’s not about going after it perfectly, but going after it period. MLK’s dream was about justice and equality and while we’re not 100% there, we’ve made strides that if he was alive today even he’d be impressed with. Having a dream doesn’t mean it’ll come true instantly, but taking action means it’ll be realized inevitably.

Dr. King was just that, a king. Royalty. And I’m so thankful he had the nerve to have a dream. It’s an honor to celebrate him today.

all photos by Porsha Antalan

8 Responses to Royalty

  1. Love love love it Miss Mattie !!!!!!!!!! So well put!

  2. Great words and o true! Oh, and i think this skirt is on my wish list! lol. Looking fab!

  3. i have the same skirt from Choies in bright yellow! so fun. i’m curious: what was your customer service experience with them?

  4. I LOVE what you’re wearing Queen :) You look amazing. That skirt is beautiful and I love that quote from MLK Jr.

  5. I luv your necklace!

  6. Perfectly said and uplifting!

  7. Everything was great. I had regular shipping and got my skirt in a week!

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