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Hey lovelies!

I know I’ve been gone for a couple weeks but I thought I’d bring you guys up to speed in case you haven’t heard via social media.

Two weeks ago, I was robbed at gunpoint.

It was certainly the scariest moment of my life. I was in a decent area here in Atlanta and it happened after having dinner with a group of friends as I walked to my car. My car, wedding ring, laptop, camera, wallet, purse & phone were all taken from me. Needless to say, I haven’t been in the position to blog regularly.

While I want to be pissed about all of my belongings being gone (they did find my car that following Tuesday), I have to say I’m thankful that I was unharmed and that I have my LIFE. Yes, it’s annoying to go back and forth with my insurance company to pay for the replacement of the items that were stolen from me (let’s not even begin to talk about my wedding ring) but I’d much rather be alive than have any of those things.

It did indeed press a huge reset button on my life. Like, who cares that I didn’t have a phone. I didn’t have an identity according to the state of GA. I had to get a license, get a rental, blah, blah, blah. The Style Bloggers of Color Conference had to be rescheduled. My blog was put on pause. I missed a few days at work. I get really paranoid when people walk behind me. But it did prove who was really here for me, who really cared and what was really important. I’m much more appreciative of the people who are in my life and the experiences that I’ve had. And I realized that yes, I like things…nice things…but they certainly don’t define me. And anything that I was remotely scared of before pales in comparison to this experience.

In actuality, it’s one of the greatest things that happened to me.

I’ve always been a no excuse kind of lady, no exceptions. Not even in my case. If you can breathe, you have every right to go after your dreams and make them a reality. By no means, am I looking for pity. I was lucky blessed enough to have my life spared, so I plan on going harder than before.

This is fair warning.

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  1. OMG. I couldn’t imagine going through that kind of trauma!!! Glad you’re okay, and kudos to you for seeing the silver lining in all of this.

    I, too, live in Atlanta, and you’re the second WOMAN I know who was robbed at gunpoint (just took her phone) in the last 12 months. Scary.

  2. I was wondering why you hadn’t updated the blog. So glad you’re ok!

  3. Wow Mattie! I am literally sitting at my desk with tears in my eyes and nose running. We take so many things for granted in this life! I am so glad that you are physically okay and emotionally you will be stronger than ever before. Wishing you nothing but the best!

  4. Oh, my! That is completely awful. I was frightened just reading it. Thank God you weren’t hurt or harmed. I know it was like a whirlwind losing so much of “you”. Glad you took the time to get yourself together. Missed you in your absence. Pray that God recovers and restores everything that was taken plus more!!!

  5. I did see this info on Instagram and since you are a friend in my head. I did cry as I read this. So glad that you are okay. I really admire your strength in this situation, it just made me realize that I need to have thicker skin and do what I need to do to make things happen. Wishing you the best. So excited to see what you have in store.

  6. I am glad you are okay friend. Stay strong and its sad that times like this put things into perspective. When I was robbed in my apartment in Atlanta it was horrible for a long time. I couldnt sleep in my apartment. I moved within 3 days. Just kept talking to God constantly. In my prayers.

  7. Oh dear. Glad you are ok. Material things can be replaced. I wish you success as you rebuild. Getting robbed is an unnerving feeling. Life is precious.

  8. T. Franks

    I admire your tenacity. Thank you for sharing your story and encouraging us all.

  9. Been away from Twitter for a minute, so I didn’t hear the news, but glad you are ll right! This is a great reminder of what’s really important from life, and we understand that you needed to take a while off. God bless you hun!

  10. Super happy that you got out of the situation okay. Material things can be replaced, but a life cannot be. It will take some time to regain a sense of security. Keeping you in my prayers

  11. Oh wow! I am so glad you’re ok! You’re right, your life is so much more valuable than material things as they can certainly be replaced. God bless! Praying for continued peace of mind for you.

  12. I so sorry to hear about the robbery incident but I’m glad your okay! God is still control and I applaud you for taking such an negative thing and turning in to something positive! You were missed. Looking forward to seeing what great things will come with the blog. God bless!

  13. *I’m*

  14. eve

    So sorry this happened to you and thankful you were noy harmed.

  15. Shauna

    So glad you are safe!

  16. Courtney

    I’m really glad you’re okay!

  17. I’ve actually read this post TWICE because I’m in such awe of your positive attitude and ability to bounce back and move forward. Those terrible people might have stolen your “stuff” (the wedding ring thing does breaks my heart to even think about) but they didn’t steal your spirit. And YOUR spirit, not those cute sunnies or handbags you pose with on your blog, is why your friends, followers, and readers keep coming back to you blog. It shines through in every post. So thankful you are safe and sound. To those people that did this to you, karma is a bitch.

  18. Marilyn Blythe

    Oh dear Mattie, first of all, I am so glad that you are safe and that only your possession were taken. It is understandable that you would be shaken after such an ordeal, please be patient with yourself and take as much time as you need before you come back at it. We will be here for you. You will be in my prayers,

  19. Wow!! I was so surprised to read this. That’s really scary that you got robbed at gunpoint but I love how you are taking this experience to make you stronger. I am glad that you are alive bc I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t read your blog anymore. You are an inspiration to me and my blog. Stay strong and trust in God to make everything ok. ???

  20. I’m extremely glad your okay……people better strap their seat belts for Mattie 2.0!

  21. So glad that you are ok. You are such an inspiration to young women and your positive attitude about this further proves that! Be Blessed!

    A. Jeannine

  22. I am so happy that you are OK and trudging through. I know the feeling all too well as I’ve been robbed at gunpoint too.

    I know that you have a solid foundation and good support team that will nurse your spirit back to greatness.

    Be well.

  23. Camille

    I hate that happened to you but stay strong..and pray for the people thatvddid this to you.

  24. I am so thankful that you are okay! And I have never met you, (found your blog through FB and have been hooked) but I truly admire you as a person and you’re outlook on this situation. Take care and God bless!

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