Mattieologie: Quintessential

TOP: #COOL | JEANS: Old Navy | SHOES: ZARA | SUNNIES: Ray Ban c/o Sunglass Hut | WATCH: Target | BRACELETS: Target, Forever 21, JewelMint

Mattieologie: Quintessential

Mattieologie: Quintessential

Mattieologie: Quintessential

Mattieologie: Quintessential

Mattieologie: Quintessential

Today, I realized that I could live in pumps, skinny jeans and a t-shirt. Oh, and red lipstick. It’s like the quintessential Mattie uniform. Today was perfect. Everything just flowed. Me and my love, Diamonde, got back in our outfit post shooting rhythm and had some quick laughs. Today’s weather really made me excited for summer. And then I started sweating. And then I was like, oh. Not so cool.

All photos by Diamonde Williamson

4 Responses to Quintessential

  1. K. Nicole

    Mattie, are these pics taken in the Atlanta area? If so, can you provide the location as I am really interested in the sculpture. Love every blog post!

  2. i wore black jeans, a black cardigan, and a teal shirt yesterday only because I thought I’d spend all day inside. Then I had to run and pay a bill. I felt like I was dying yesterday, so I know what you mean about the seating thing,lol. Only shorts and capris for me from now on.

  3. Lovin’ this entire combo on you! Looking beautiful as always babe!


    The Habit

  4. That is my outfit all the way to the shoes. I normally through on toms, dunks or expensive designer sneakers that need to be worn more. hangs head cost per wear is still high.

    The cool is shirt is the business

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