Oh Snap!


JACKET: Fab’rik | SWEATSHIRT: Wal-Mart | PANTS: Imperfect Concepts | SHOES: ShoeMint | BAG: H&M | SUNNIES: Ray Ban




Um, it’s starting to finally feel like winter here in Atlanta. But even when it’s not I’m totally into sweatshirts with great jeans or pants for this time of year. I don’t know what it is but I’ve been running into really cute sweatshirts as of late.

I had to jump on the camo pants bandwagon. These are from Imperfect Concepts and even though they’re a little big on me, I like it that way. When I was in middle school I was a total tomboy and totally dressed like this. I know. Crazy, right?

What were you like in middle school?

7 Responses to Oh Snap!

  1. Mattie I am loving that sweatshirt. Im going to buy it right now… is that what the big brands call influence lol. Super Cute my dear

  2. Haaa love the sweatshirt and the unexpected pink

    xo Ashley

  3. So friggin cute! That sweatshirt is hilarious but sad at the same time…lol. Love those pants!!!

  4. I love every single detail…

  5. Aww..that top is a major business….too cute x

  6. Ria

    Well I was a little goth chick in high school lol. Totally in fishnets, all black…a little red…huge boots, tiny skirts or giant pants and tiny tops. Violating dress codes on the regular, distracting my math teacher etc.

    Love the girly shoes with this tomboy ensemble and that shirt is all kinds of adorable. I’m still a sucker for cute graphics on tees and hoodies etc even though I don’t wear them as often these days.


  7. Love this look! and the Camo’s give your outfit just ther personality it needed! Beautiful!


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