New Sex & The City 2 Poster

So, the new Sex and the City 2 poster was released not too long ago. If you remember, the first one featured Sarah Jessica Parker in a WHITE HALSTON HERITAGE DRESS and gold MYKITA & BERNHARD FRANZ LIMITED EDITION GLASSES. In the new poster, SJP is rockin’ EMILIO PUCCI FALL/WINTER 2009 showing beaucoup leg. Naturally, it’s over the top and in true Mattie fashion I LOVE IT!!!

Which poster do you like better?

Oh, and by the way: 30 DAYS. XOXO.

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  2. Thanks for your very informative post, I have bookmarked your site, thanks much!

  3. Beautiful photos! I appreciate the post so much! ;)

  4. Seriously though, you can easily make that image from scratch on PS, so I wouldn’t count it as a “photo”

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