My Beauty Basics

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Sephora + PANTONE Universe Cashmere Brush Set | ULTA Professional Synthetic Powder Brush

When it comes to my make up routine, I keep it pretty simple. I’m not a fan of foundation being that I have oily skin and it usually isn’t the best when the two come together. So I use a primer plus powder, bronzer & blush. Two years ago, I took Mimi‘s makeup class and learned the importance of highlighting and contouring, so I implemented it into my everyday face. For highlighter, I rely on Maybelline’s Dream Lumi Highlighting Concealer in Radiant and Lamik’s Contour Blush. I really love and use it almost everyday as far as eyeshadow is concerned. I’m head over heels for Diorshow mascara. It’s like, how can you not be.

What I’ve learned is regardless of whether I use drugstore, department store or designer makeup, the brushes you use are imperative for the final look. Good brushes don’t have to be expensive, but if you don’t use good brushes, you will pay. I use a combination of Sephora + PANTONE Universe, ULTA and Clinique brushes. If you’re on a budget, ULTA brushes are fantastic.

I love makeup. But I use it to enhance. Not to cover up.

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  1. well said. Using make up to enhance, not cover up. That should be an ad slogan!

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