Morning Mattie: Kate for VOGUE?, A Boxing Kitten Spring & Droolworthy Armani

So I’m adding a new feature here on Mattieologie called “Morning Mattie” where you can find the fashion and style news tidbits that I start my day off with. Thought I’d share. It means I care, right?

I’ve been a fan of Boxing Kitten for a while now, but everytime they release a new collection I still get excited. (And with Solange wearing their pieces how could I not? Since I’m writing so highly of them maybe they’ll send something my way. Maybe? It was worth a try. And in case it wasn’t obvious enough, it was finally speculated that indeed American VOGUE HBIC EIC is heavily persuading whoever she needs to to get Kate Middleton on the cover. Which means it’s more than likely going to happen. In case you weren’t up to speed, yes, Rebecca Minkoff is living a much more stylish life than you. Figures. Armani got me excited on the fashion porn known as his Spring collection which included slits in pants, sparkles and starlight takes on feminine silhouettes. Should you dress up for work? Um, yeah. The perfect excuse to go out afterwards because you look awesome. And lastly, the sneak peek of Real Housewives of Atlanta surfaced only confirming that yes, I do want to go deeper into the abyss that is known as mindless TV. Sue me.

Oh, and by the way: Morning Mattie tastes that much better with the perfect cup of coffee.

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  1. I am a huge boxing kitten fan. Great design and i am loving that it is becoming a household name

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