Morning Mattie: Bloggers Coach, High Off LSD & Kanye’s Uber Expensive

Um, can Lauren Santo Domingo do any wrong? That has yet to be proven. Her style during NYFW was impeccable. And I’d rather impeccable than uber expensive and unwearable like Kanye West‘s line is rumored to be. When the rapper shows his first collection in Paris on October 1, it’ll be for looking only.

Coach brought out the creme de la creme of bloggers for Fashion’s Night Out and SNL‘s Seth Meyers. Totally jealous. My invite got lost in the mail. Not to fret. The shoerotica from Milan Fashion Week is easing the pain.

And naturally our favorite stylist, Rachel Zoe, packed 13 suitcases & hubby Rodger for Paris Fashion Week. Sheesh. She packed light.

Finally, in honor of Hump Day I say we eat good. Or eat something that tastes REALLY good instead. Chocolate chip cookie sandwiches with buttercream, anyone?

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2 Responses to Morning Mattie: Bloggers Coach, High Off LSD & Kanye’s Uber Expensive

  1. Those chocolate chip cookie sandwiches look soooo good!

  2. Those desserts have me wanting sweets now and its 10 pm! gah! And I am with you on that invite, they must of lost both of ours together! And 13 bags?! She is ridic!!

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