Minnie Me

Mattieologie: Minnie Me

TOP: Forever 21 (similar) // SKIRT: Lily Kai Vintage (similar) // SHOES: JustFab (similar) // SUNNIES: c/o Filthy Magic // NECKLACE: J.Crew // BRACELETS: gift, Forever 21 (similar) // EARRINGS: RACHEL Rachel Roy

Mattieologie: Minnie Me

Mattieologie: Minnie Me

Mattieologie: Minnie Me

Mattieologie: Minnie Me

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Mattieologie: Minnie Me

I’m actually really into wearing the same outfit again but totally reinventing it by switching up my hair or my accessories. Today’s outfit is certainly the case. I wore this get up back in December and I love how the sweatshirt perfectly contrasted with my wrap skirt from Lily Kai Vintage.

I really love the lighting of this post. We shot right when the sun set. Honestly, one of the best times to shoot.

Monday has really been kicking my ass. Finishing some last minute conference planning, I haven’t eaten yet and I broke out in hives. Classic. Hope yours is being good to you.

all photos by Diamonde Williamson

7 Responses to Minnie Me

  1. YES! You look so cute!

    I especially love the polka dot skirt for a Minnie Mouse sweater. I had a period when I was obsessed with all things Mickey so I’m definitely partial to anything involving the lovely Mouse family.


  2. Brittany Carson

    I’m excited to see that you are a practical fashion blogger who’s not afraid to wear your outfits more than once. I have read so many fashion blogs where the bloggers have said they never wear an outfit twice. I’m like you if I love an outfit I will wear it multiple times with different accessories. Love that sweatshirt BTW!

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  4. I love your hair! And the way you styled this, stunning!

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