Mattie Moment: My New York Times Mention

I’m so excited to share that I was mentioned in The New York Times today! The article is discussing Proenza Schouler’s disapproval of Target’s new Mossimo Messenger Bag copycatting their PS1 bag. I wrote about it on Monday, here.

Be sure to check out my mention and let me know what you think! Thanks. xx

4 Responses to Mattie Moment: My New York Times Mention

  1. This is so awesome! Congrats on the NY Times mention! I can only imagine how excited you are about this. Keep up the great work. Oh! And I was in Target the day after I read your post about the bag so I stopped in that department to check it out. Not bad!

  2. Thanks, Tam! I appreciate the love. Yeah, the bag is impressive – they’ve got great colors :)

  3. CONGRATS on the pick up by NYT!!! WOOHOO!!

  4. Thanks, Nicole!

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