Mattie Muse: White Collar

Photography & Video: Diamonde Williamson

One of my favorite things about being a blogger: having a legitimate reason to steal pieces out of my husband’s closet.

I had some tea and conversation with my new blogging buddy, Allison (who does a fantastic job with stealing pieces from her boyfriend’s closet), this weekend and we discussed blogging full time. Of course, there are girls who we admire who are at the top of the blogging game and are making full time income from posting daily, but for some of us it’s something we’re aspiring to do. I’m highly convinced that 5 to 7 years from now, blogging will be taken much more seriously and become white collar. Which brings us to today’s outfit.

Hubs always finds the best shirts from H&M. When it comes to wearing menswear, it’s always important to “girl” it up a bit so it doesn’t look overwhelming, ill-fitting or costume-y. I paired it one of my favorite thrifted pieces – an A-line skirt – and a statement necklace my assistant let me borrow. It was the perfect pop of color.

Can you imagine dressing like this everyday for work? I believe if you look it up in the dictionary, it falls under “awesome”.

SHIRT: H&M (for Hubs) | SKIRT: thrifted | SHOES: Steve Madden | BAG: H&M | SCARF (on bag): vintage | RING: YSL | EARRINGS: Sorrelli | NECKLACE: Nordstrom | SUNNIES: vintage per American Apparel

5 Responses to Mattie Muse: White Collar

  1. Men’s wear with a feminine touch…I love it!!! And I love your tangerine lipstick!!! Happy Monday!

  2. I believe you are right….awesome indeed! That skirt is fantastic!

  3. Love the mix of menswear with feminine pieces in this look!

  4. Ria

    Love that skirt, such a great look.

  5. GSTAR

    Loved everything except for the skirt and your shoes. Not sure if you are wearing hosiery but the color of your feet is way more paler then your face and your hands. The skirt makes you look a bit drab and washed out at the bottom and the shoes, Love the shoes not crazy about the color it would’ve looked better as a darker richer brown. Trying going for richer more concentrated colors when your wearing skirts that expose your legs. As a matter of fact when it comes to your shoes and bottoms stay clear of pale pastel colors and go for more richer concentrated colors.

    A Former NY Fashion Stylist

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