Mattie Muse: Turquoise Turban

Remember how earlier this week I mentioned it was like 70 degrees? Yeah, not today. Not only was it cold but windy. Totally weather with November tendencies. So I jazzed up my H&M winter scarf and transformed it into a turban. Look, I believe in getting my money’s worth. I don’t think I own anything I haven’t tried to transform. I guess you could call my style “MacGyver-esque”. And what would a turquoise turban be without red lips and large hoop earrings? Yeah. I wouldn’t be interested either.

Oh yeah. I collaborated with Brittany of Miss B Fab to create the Mattieologie x Miss B Fab Accessories Collection. Take a peek, tell your friends and buy some stuff.

SWEATER: Dockers (c/o Hubs) | SKIRT & TURBAN: H&M | SHOES: Nine West | NECKLACE: c/o Nakate | BRACELET: c/o Heart of Haiti | SUNNIES: Ray Ban c/o Sunglass Hut

I’ve been getting questions on my makeup lately and I haven’t forgotten about posting a video. I’ve honestly been swamped. I know. Excuses, excuses.

11 Responses to Mattie Muse: Turquoise Turban

  1. You look great and you pull it off well! :)

  2. You look great, I love the turban with that red lip! :))

  3. I actually really love it.

  4. Incredible! I love the pops of color.

  5. This is so bohemian! You look great. In love with this.

  6. N.

    Pretty! Beautiful light…

  7. You didn’t mention my earrings! LOL

  8. Oh, yeah. The earrings are Kim’s that I borrowed (stole) and never returned. You can’t go wrong with good ole fashioned hoops :)

  9. Michelle Jackson

    You can pull any style off,
    it looks great !!!
    I admire your style.

  10. Love the turquoise turban with the bold red lip! Great contrast! and i cant with your Mattie colloquialisms…lmao! Love it!

  11. The lip color is amazing. Matte red lips are much more day appropriate than glossy red lips. Thanks for helping me realize this.

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