Mattie Muse: Together

Don’t you just love outfits that just come together?

I can’t lie. Because I broadcast my outfits on a daily basis for you guys here on Mattieologie, I make an attempt to make sure I look decent. More than decent. Noticeably cute. But sometimes, without trying, outfits just come together. This here was one of those times.

THROW: Ann Taylor | TOP: thrifted (similar) | SKIRT: H&M – a year old (similar) | SHOES: RACHEL Rachel Roy ‘Celio’ booties | NECKLACE & BRACELETS: Mattieologie x Miss B Fab | RING: YSL | WATCH: Target

I wore this last week to Vino & Vintage, a trunk show I hosted with Kristen of Lily Kai at her house. I did my makeup at work and then just threw on what was clean and half decent. And to my surprise, a functional outfit was the outcome. I had a gray cropped top from the bestie (Yes, that’s right I am notorious for borrowing her things. She knows what she’s gotten herself into.)

My fairly new RACHEL Rachel Roy ‘Celio’ booties are like my absolute favorite things right now. How genius is that pink sock that’s part of the shoe?! This skirt is probably the best thing I’ve ever bought for under $30. H&M is godsend I tell you. The draping is my favorite part. You can wear it to work or even out. You might remember when I wore it here. It’s STILL amazing.

I threw on something to cover me up from the breeze and some accessories. And I promise you that’s it folks. This will probably never be this easy again, but thanks to WordPress I can immortalize this moment forever. Thanks, blog.

6 Responses to Mattie Muse: Together

  1. That definitely did come together…at first I was like,”What made her put the pink sock with the shoe? I love it!” But now to find out that it is apart of the shoe makes me love it even more….I am so lusting after your shoes right now!!! Great Look Mattie!

  2. Cute outfit! Love your booties :)

    Check out my blog sometime ASassyWoman.Com

  3. Michele James

    I love the boots Mattie :)

  4. those shoes Mattie, so hot! love the outfit!

  5. That skirt is amazing! I agree the draping is my favorite part of it as well. It fits your body so well.

  6. Thanks, ladies! Those booties are a closet favorite :)

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