Mattie Muse: Sunny Saturday

Spent a splendid spring day with Hubs in Decatur this weekend. Even though you wouldn’t tell by the crappy rainy weather that’s going on right now in Atlanta, it was absolutely beautiful on Saturday. Got to visit the cutest stores and just relax. I did a lot of that this weekend. It was needed. And after living here for almost 5 years I have to admit, I haven’t really explored all that Atlanta has to offer. Decatur is certainly greater than most parts of the Atlanta area with great eats, shopping and neighborhoods. Honestly, if I could live anywhere in Georgia it would definitely be there. It’s awesome. We’ll be taking another visit there sooner than later. We took MARTA (Atlanta’s transit system) and did a lot of walking. I wore the perfect outfit.

6 Responses to Mattie Muse: Sunny Saturday

  1. You look gorgeous! I’m so loving the print on that jumper, and it looks like the perfect combination of comfy and chic. Ideal for lots of walking around and shopping. Totally rocking the Wayfarers, too!

  2. Love this, Mattie. It’s such a lie that you can’t look chic in flats. You worked this jumper.

  3. just came across your blog and i really loved your tips about twitter and interview w/ Terry McFly! now following you and p.s. loving your outfit!

  4. Thanks, Jennifer! So glad to hear you liked it :)

  5. Thanks, Kimberly! Yes, I agree. I’m short and petite so if I can pull a jumper off with flats anyone can :)

  6. Thank you, Casee! These Wayfarers are hands down my favorite sunnies out of my collection.

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