Mattie Muse: Sensational

Oh, hey there. Remember me?

Happy New Year! I’ve missed you guys. But I kind of feel like we’ve been together via Twitter and Facebook. So maybe you guys have noticed this sensational weather happening. It’s crazy. Crazy good. Like so good I didn’t even wear tights with this outfit the other day. Another sensational thing? This messenger bag that I got at TJ Maxx the other day. It’s actually by Nine West. I went to event at TJ Maxx the other day and it was a total must buy. Don’t you love it? Actually, I’ve come across a few sensational buys this week. I also scored a fabulous watch from Target that is totally giving Michael Kors a run for its money. *leans in and whispers* It was $14. I know.

I’ve got to admit. I’m totally excited for the New Year. 2012 started off…well, sensational.

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  1. Cute bag! It’s funny that you mentioned not wearing tights. I’m debating whether I should wear tights today. I’m loving this weather!

  2. YAY, i AM SO GLAD YOU ARE BACK TO BLOGGING! Happy New Year Darling! You look so casual cute. I have a watch from target too, that everyone thinks is Michael Kors; I’ve had it a few years :-).

  3. I’ve been on the hunt for that watch! LOL Cute look too!

  4. Ha you have been missing from the blog world. Glad you’re back. Love the look. The weather has been off but hey lets enjoy why not.

  5. Love those boots

  6. You have been missing and missed! I’m glad you’re back with an inspiring look.

  7. Thanks, ladies. I’m excited to be back! I apologize for the see through legs and thank you for your kind words :)

  8. Cute Mattie! Love that color of your blazer and the mini dress is adorable!

  9. MK

    I viewed your site for the first time yesterday and I LOVE this outfit! Just now really getting into personal style, I had been a little self conscious about mixing brown with black (old-school rule, I know) but I love how your mix of colors here! I will be posting this pic to my blog (linking back to you of course). Found a new site to blog!

  10. so chic! I love this look

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