Mattie Muse: Scorcher

Photography: Diamonde Williamson

I really wanted to come up with something clever when I was naming this post. However, it was SO DAMN HOT that scorcher was the only thing that came to mind. Of course I decided to get a big, curly weave on the hottest weekend of the year. Why you ask? Apparently, I like to suffer.

I actually wanted a change and really wanted to give my real hair a break. (I’m notorious for putting heat on my natural hair. No. Bueno.) But mostly because big, curly hair is glamorous and screams summer. The original plan was to go blonde. Really, really blonde. But I’ll ease us all into that. Stay tuned.

I’m sort of obsessed with this top from Madewell. It’s sheer. Which is the ONLY justification for wearing sleeves in this kind of weather. Speaking of May weather (you see how I did that?), did anyone catch the fight and see Floyd walk in with Bieber? No words.

TOP: Madewell | SHORTS: Target | SHOES: ZARA | BAG: ASOS | NECKLACES: Forever 21 & Kanon Vodka monocle souvenir | EARRINGS & BRACELETS: Mattieologie x Miss B Fab | SUNNIES: Ray Ban c/o Sunglass Hut

10 Responses to Mattie Muse: Scorcher

  1. Courtney

    <3 your top, earrings, and bag. Your hair looks so healthy. <3 the curls.
    I didn't catch the fight, I'm not a boxing fan.

  2. You look gorgeous! I love the hair (but I can only imagine how hot you were :-(); however, it was worth it because this is a great look from top to bottom!

  3. lol at your transition to the fight. You look fabulous! I am smitten with your big hair.

  4. The 3rd picture. Yes, effortless yet chic wild child. That is all.

  5. I love your lip color and hair! I understand about this weather. It’s not even summer yet and it’s unbearable!

  6. I loved absolutely everything about your look. I’m obsessed with that ASOS bag, the shoes… OMG!! you worked this look very well. Loving you top! Like I said, I loved it all. Lovely post!

  7. Bessieakuba

    Luv the hair and the color! I’m still trying to find a protective style. I HAVE to do something soon-gotta keep my hand out my hair :-/

  8. Ria

    Wahhh I missed out on those Zara heels. I think they’re so pretty. I love your new hair. So pretty.

  9. Necole

    The top and the hair I love, but that BAG I NEED NOW!

  10. Goodwillhunting

    Your hair is A0ORE!!!! What brand of hair is that, I want that kind! : )

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