Mattie Muse: Repeat Offense

I’ve got to admit. I was kind of dragging ass today. After the weekend that I had – Ann Taylor grand opening, a relative’s birthday party & a very hot day at Six Flags – I was completely drained. Which is why I shamelessly wore the same outfit I wore on Saturday today. I know, I know. It is a fashion rule of thumb that you can’t wear the same thing twice, but I believe you can wear an outfit again if it’s not around the same audience. None of you saw me on Saturday so…

Anyways, I tried to wait til after 6pm or so to take pictures when the sun wasn’t as hot. Or so I thought. I almost passed out just taking pictures it was BLAZING.

And for those of you who care, my hair is still natural. I just colored it a couple of weeks ago and got a blow out on Saturday. With the smoldering heat, I’m surprised I haven’t sweat it out yet. I’ll keep you posted. I’ll be impressed if it lasts until Friday.

TOP & RING: Forever 21 | SKIRT: H&M | SHOES: Bakers | BAG: Halston Heritage | EARRINGS: Miss B Fab

10 Responses to Mattie Muse: Repeat Offense

  1. Oh hon, I love these photos, especially the last photo, such a great candid shot! Thanks for your lovely comment. You look stunning doll, the lace is really beautiful with that skirt. I love the hair colour as well!

  2. Thanks, Madison! Appreciate it :)

  3. Veronica

    you have excellent style. classy and pretty!

  4. I’m a chronic repeater, I’ll never judge! Lol! You look totally adorable, I especially love the pink shoes with that skirt. Love!!!
    :) f
    The House in the Clouds

  5. Thank you, Veronica!

  6. LOVE the new hair color!! Your skirt and shoes are simply fab!!

    Nothing wrong with repeating an outfit. Fashion says don’t repeat clothing, but style makes it’s own rules!

  7. OMG! So clever, Rocquelle…thanks :)

  8. I have the same rule, you can wear the same outfit with a different group. I am also inlove with those shoes. You look great babe!

  9. Girl, you are all kinds of sexy and sassy in this look! Fabulous skirt. I do the same thing…I repeat, just not in the same combo to the same group.

  10. Girl i buy vintage cloths and they last I have to find new audiences to wear my fly vintage summer outfits that iv had for YEARSSS its still so flyy though make me think i need to travel! lol

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