Mattie Muse: Prints Charming

Two years ago, had you told me I was going to wear an outfit like this I would have laughed in your face and called you a liar. Ok, not really. When it comes to prints, I’m very safe – I stick to one and that’s all. I was feeling brave in this instance. That and I couldn’t find a “plain” top that really complimented my new shorts. So I went for it – I mixed prints. And I’ve gotta tell you I’m very pleased with the results I got. You should try it! (NOTE: Results may vary.)

I’m seriously in love with my flap bag with gold hardware from Lily Kai Vintage I scored a few weeks ago. It gives me everything. Definitely my go to fall bag. I dyed my hair red again and it turned out a little maroonish and I LOVE it! It’s a very fall hue, in the burgundy family. What do ya think?

TOP: vintage | SHORTS: Everly via K-la Boutique | SHOES: Bakers | BAG: Lily Kai Vintage | NECKLACE, RING & EARRINGS: Forever 21 | BRACELET: Sherane Vintage | HEADBAND: H&M

12 Responses to Mattie Muse: Prints Charming

  1. You look amazing!! I love the mixed prints and the colors in your blouse!!

  2. I’m the same way about mixing patterns, but this look works!

  3. I love the the hair color it works on you!

    And the mixing of prints well done. don’t you just love LKV!

  4. It came out perfect! It looks so well put together!

  5. You look great and I think you pull it off well! I am afraid to try out more than one print too because of my curvy body. I always stick to one print too. I should try the mixed print one day! Maybe start slow—stripes with floral or something like that.

  6. You’re the cutest. I love mixing prints and like the way you did here as well.

  7. Mattie, you aint lying! Looking back at my old pictures, I played it safe too. Never would I think to mix prints. I think the blogging brought it out of us. I love though & would totally wear it! I love red lips on you!! Too cute


  8. …I love this look on you. You look super chic but not overdone. #myfavoritelook

  9. I am in love with this outfit! i love prints, but like you, i always played it safe. You look so effortlessly stunning..

    ps. i’m lauren :) Nice to meet you.


  10. You already know I am a print mixing maniac, so I love this!!! SOOO chic! and the bag is perfect. Great job, Miss Mattie!

  11. Iam right with ya boo, I cant say I would have seen myself mixing prints either! LOL But we look fabulous doing it!! Absolutely love love love this look and the huge metal bracelet too.

    P.s cute new hair color too!

  12. Cute Outfit!!! Look at those legs! U go girl. I wish I could go back to being that size again. ahh man your the woman who purchased that cute purse from Lily Kai’s boutique lol. U rocked it well :)

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