On The Right Track

I’m not sure what it is, but everything has just been working out great lately. On a personal and professional level. I’m just utterly grateful and blessed. Just got a new car SUV and I’m working on some fantastic projects for the blog that I can’t wait to share. Tasha from Imperfect Concepts sent me this awesome sauce camo jacket that really got my fall style on the right track. I’m usually super girly, but this season I’m much more laid back and this jacket is perfect for that.

Oh yeah, I got new hair. I miss the curls but I love the new look. What do you think?

JACKET: c/o Imperfect Concepts | SHIRT: DKNY | SKIRT: Forever 21 | SUNNIES: Ray Ban | SHOES: ZARA | BAG: MICHAEL Michael Kors | BRACELETS: Forever 21, Honesty Jewelry, Stephanie Quinlan, H&M

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I hope everyone who was affected by Sandy is doing well. All my NYC and DMV readers, sending much love and prayers your way!

11 Responses to On The Right Track

  1. Umm, ma’am you are looking pretty fierce, love the new hair and I loved the way you styled that jacket. Cute!

  2. Loved how you styled the jacket. But why havent ever seen those shoes in zara… I want a pair…

  3. I’m so inspired by this look..I think I’m going to wear this look to work tomorrow. :)

  4. Ria

    Love this EVEN if you are shooting on railroad tracks (my shooting peeve from back in my modeling days). You are killing those shoes and that jacket.

  5. Love this outfit!

  6. You look abssolutely STUNNING in these photos! Love how you rock that jacket!


  7. Thanks, boo. Walking on those tracks in those shoes: REAL LIFE.

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  10. Netra

    You look simple but fly.. Can you tell me where you purchased your star necklace from?

  11. Thanks, Netra! I got it from my Lucky FABB gift bag in February. I’m so sorry, I totally don’t know where it’s from. Lost my gift bag, with all the info :(

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