Mattie Muse: Kaleidoscope

I think here at Mattieologie we’ve developed a bond where we can be honest with one another. That being said: I was TOTALLY digging my look here.

Maybe it was because it was my first time wearing my vintage scarf my friend, Kim, got me for Christmas. That paired up with my Mattieologie x Miss B Fab Primary earrings and a red lip? It popped perfectly against my uber casual outfit. (You can shop the rest of the collection HERE.) I am beyond over the moon about these jeans. And about the saying “over the moon”. Anyways, it was a pretty uneventful day. Me and Hubs just ran around running ‘we’re-being-adults’ errands for the majority of the day. I thought about shopping and even disciplined myself not to buy shoes when I went to Macy’s with my sister-in-law. Saving is sooooo on my resolution list for 2012. And while so far so good, it kinda, err, sucks.

On the bright side, it was 70 degrees today. Which I should totally be excited – or concerned – about. It is January right?

About my nails…they’re so humdrum. Promise a fancy smancy mani by the end of the week. To hold you over, I’ve given you fancy smancy Photoshop tricks below. Enjoy.

11 Responses to Mattie Muse: Kaleidoscope

  1. love this look Mattie, esp the scarf and the earrings and the red lip…this combi is super!xx

  2. LOVING your red lip, earrings, and vintage scarf!!!!! I’m beyond smitten with your Target watch; I’m going to look for it when I stop in to buy cereal today, lol.

  3. Love the entire look! And your twist-out is impeccable!!

  4. Such colorful accessories!

  5. Mattie you look soooo HOTTT!!! I love those earrings!

  6. I wanna be Mattie when I grow up…

  7. Kelly LY

    just came across your blog! so stylish!! love it lady!

  8. Nyna

    Love! The scarf & the earring combo. Yesss!

  9. Simone

    Omg this is Fn f a b o l o u s! Mattie you look awesome! Gimme, I want all of it down to the gifted head scaft. Ps, the gorgeous Mattie photos file on my computer is overflowing. *right clicks, saves photo*

  10. Mattie, I love it!!You always look GREAT!! You’re one of those women who could wear a trash bag and the next day, every woman will go running to buy one. You make anything look fantastic. what’s the lipstick? You left that out!!

  11. Thanks, ladies! The lipstick is “Florence” by True You Cosmetics.

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