Mattie Muse: Jumping Prints

Photography: Diamonde Williamson

Oh, hey there. That’s my real hair when it’s straight. And before you’re fooled I don’t want you to think that I had that ombre color job done purposely. Those are good ole fashioned roots.

Yeah, the weave had to go. Its time was done. But I’m super excited about my new old hair and the color (colors?) it is. And my scalp is just happy that it’s breathing. Aside from my hair, I also LOVE old clothes. You know the kind of pieces you forgot you had your closet. For example, this floral jumper I got from Cherry Bomb Atlanta THREE YEARS AGO. Yep. And it’s still being good to me. Just switching out your accessories (shoes, bag, jewelry) on a single piece can reinvent it. A jumper is one of my favorite things to wear. A jumper with prints? Perfection.

JUMPER: Cherry Bomb Atlanta | SHOES: ZARA | BAG: ASOS | WATCH: Target | SUNNIES: vintage via American Apparel | RING: YSL | BRACELETS & EARRINGS: Mattieologie x Miss B Fab

15 Responses to Mattie Muse: Jumping Prints

  1. Love the jumper! Fab shoes & clutch as well. I think someone has already pinned your clutch/arm candy! WOW!


  2. Dominique

    That jumper is super cute! I love finding clothes in my closet that I’ve forgotten about. What a great reward for purchasing a piece that can live on from season to season! Great buy and styled to perfection. CA-UTE :)

  3. That jumper is too cute!! I love the extra touch of the shoes and your clutch!

  4. Yes ma’am!!! I love finding forgotten gems in my closet!!! The best!


  6. Ria

    That clutch is legit open in one of my tabs to pick up. I need it! Love those shoes too, but I think I missed the boat on those. :(

  7. Your hair and jumpsuit are fab! The pop of color in your clutch is the perfect complement.

  8. Simone

    Girl you look good!

  9. I absolutely love this jumper!

  10. I LOVE IT! I really really love that jumper. Is the designer gonna be selling clothes in New York soon?

  11. cool clutch!

  12. Gorgeous jumpsuit!

  13. Yaaaaasss!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the jumpsuit. The shoes are so cute. I’ve ALWAYS loved the clutch. But I’m so through w all the girls wearing these earrings. I want all of them to disappear. Otherwise, you’re killin the game.

  14. Love love the jumpsuit!!!

  15. hey sunshine mike here saying that u r super nice,sweet,wonderful,cute,lovely,pretty,beautiful,and most of all u r super sexy.just love those colors and those outfits that you wear.they r super.just like u , be sweet, keep god first. lol mike

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