Joy Ride

Photography: Diamonde Williamson

TOP: vintage dress | SKIRT: ASOS Africa | SHOES: c/o ShoeMint | RING: c/o JewelMint | BRACELETS: Etsy, Honesty Jewelry | WATCH: Target | EARRINGS: Sorrelli

You know how they say “ride it until the wheels fall off”? That’s exactly what I’ve been doing in my new ShoeMint pumps.

Man, this summer has been a conglomerate of excitement, hard work & time passing by oh so fast. But it’s certainly been a ride. I learned a lot about myself because I collaborated with so many people. There’s been good times, trying times and times where I questioned why I even had a blog. (It’s true.)

Mostly because I was trying to control everything single detail to the things that were happening. I thought that certain things would have happened differently, but they happened just like they should. Spoiler alert: things won’t ever be perfect, but they’ll always have purpose.

And it’s all worth it. What I really learned is that you can’t start at the finish line. Have a clear goal and keep going regardless of how hard or different it is. And remember it’s not the destination but instead the journey. And sometimes instead of getting caught up in all the hoopla (politics, stress, etc.) you have to step back and enjoy the ride…

in great shoes.

7 Responses to Joy Ride

  1. That vintage top with the ASOS Africa skirt is perfection!!

  2. Great look Mattie. You blog because you inspire and you get to lift your voice on your own platform.

  3. Your photos and outfits have been so cute lately! Love it. I also love what you said at the bottom of the post. It definitely has been a crazy first half of the year! But you live and you learn, daily. Oh and I agree you definitely have to take a step back a lot of times to remember why you do what you do, blogging included. Sometimes we get stressed about it and forget to enjoy it. I’m guilty of that lol thanks for the much needed words! xo

  4. Adorable look! Love the pop of yellow in the shoes!


  5. Ria

    You look amazing!! This outfit is so good. I think we’ve all had those ugh why do I even do this days but the good days definitely outweigh and make it worth it.

  6. I went to a formal dinner this weekend and tried the Ruby Woo by MAC makeup & received great compliments!!!! Thanks “Little Sis Gorgeous One.”

  7. I love styling looks with skirts like that. You look fierce girl.

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