It Just Works

Photography: Diamonde Williamson

TOP: Nasty Gal | JEANS: Madewell | SHOES: MICHAEL Michael Kors | BAG: ZARA | SUNNIES: vintage per American Apparel | BRACELETS: Free People, Etsy, Honesty Jewelry | RING: c/o JewelMint

SPOILER ALERT: Everything’s gonna be ok.

I had one of those impossible days today where I had to get every aspect in my personal and professional life together. ASB Anniversary venue confirmation…NYC hotel accommodations (Lawd.)…touching base with team members…if it wasn’t on thing it was another.

But it always works out. In my mind, because it has to. Very seldom do I get worked up about the small stuff (noticed I said seldom, not never) because it’s all small stuff. There will always be other venues, somewhere to stay and sometimes life gets in the way and we have to get back in touch with those close to us.

I felt that way when I got dressed for an event. I usually like to wear a dress when I’m out and about but nothing was working or clean. I ended up throwing on the above outfit and you know what? It just worked.

I mean when has leopard print, a red lip and good jeans not worked? Exactly.

4 Responses to It Just Works

  1. I love the whole outfit. That’s a hot style from the hair to the bag.

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  3. Everything works out how its suppose to work out! I will see you at your event! You make Leopard + Red Lips perfect!!

  4. Ria

    You cannot go wrong with leopard print and a red lip. You look beautiful. I just got my nyc ticket/lodging taken care of this week. I absolutely would not allow myself to freak over it, just knew that it would work out and it totally has.

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