Mattie Muse: Global Casual

Photography: Diamonde Williamson

I’m sort of having the best week ever. Aside from 75+ degree weather all week long, this week I was named the Bombshell of the Day on one of my favorite sites, The Fashion Bomb. While I was bracing myself for some tough critics, I seemed to have gotten some pretty positive feedback especially on the picture where I had on an African print dress. So I was inspired to wear some African today at work and figure out how to make it “global casual”. I’ve got to admit, I don’t ever really think about wearing print – especially when it comes to African print. Being Liberian, I’ve seen my mom, grandmother, cousins & friends incorporate it in their wardrobe effortlessly. But now that I think about it, the trick is making the printed piece the focus. To tame the rest of my look above, I wore an American Apparel top and some chic ZARA heels. In the case you’ve ever wondered whether or not you can make global business casual, you can. And quite frankly, it’s awesome.

TOP: American Apparel | SKIRT: custom | SHOES: ZARA | BAG: cosmetic bag/gift from Mom | SUNNIES: vintage per American Apparel | NECKLACE: Nakate | EARRINGS: Forever 21 | WATCH: Target | BRACELETS: Mattieologie x Miss B Fab

7 Responses to Mattie Muse: Global Casual

  1. Such a cute look Mattie! I love that you paired the printed clutch with it.

  2. I love this!!!!

  3. Keke Rachel

    I love the look!

  4. Cute look! Love the shoes!

  5. OMG…I’ve finally found my “pekin” style muse! :-) I love this outfit; you look great girl!!!

  6. Mattie you look gorge!

  7. Tia

    I adore this look! Love the skirt!!!

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