Mattie Muse: Feeling Skirty

For those of you who don’t know, I love a great thrift find! It’s like one of my favorite things in the world. I found this great cream skirt with pockets a few months back and just wore for the first time today. As a dress.

It is HOT. It is beyond words. So I made my skirt into a dress and belted it with a purse strap. Look when you don’t have a Carrie Bradshaw budget you

Today is the Full Time Fabulous blog event which is beach inspired! Now, I don’t live any where near a beach but that doesn’t mean I can’t dress beachy. I would totally rock this look at the beach with straw purse and oversized hat. An oversized hat is sooooooo summer. There’s something about aviators that’s really laid back, chill but yet classic at the same time. You can never go wrong with a pair of Ray Bans.

Anyways, I hope you all are finding some way to stay cool out there. This summer weather is real. Real hot, that is.

HAT: BCBGMAXAZRIA | DRESS: Thrifted skirt | SANDALS & BRACELET: Forever 21 | BAG: H&M | EARRINGS: Harlem street vendor (circa 2008)

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  1. Oh, that dress is way too amazing for the beach! :) You look fantastic, and I love how you repurposed a skirt. So smart.

  2. Thanks, Marissa. The skirt is a bit long especially with flat sandals on so I was happy that the “dress” idea worked! xo

  3. You are such an innovator, lady! I’ve just recently done the skirt-turned-dress thing, but I can’t say I would have ever thought to turn to a purse strap as a belt. Absolutely genius, and you look darling!

  4. this is so perfect! turning a long skirt into a summer dress is such a fab idea Mattie! and i am adoring that hat. i wore mine too because it’s super hot here as well!

    Also, please vote for me in the Style a Shape Contest if you haven’t already – click this link and hit the ‘Like’ button for my look!

    Thank you!

  5. hahaha, my favorite thing is wearing my skirts as dresses. the color is so summer, lovely job on the theme…super brilliant re: the purse strap! i’m going to look to my bags to see if there are any belts hidden there.

  6. You are so pretty! That floppy hat is fab-u-lous! And i cant believe you dont live near a beach..I would die!

    And way to improvise by turning the skirt into a dress! looks fab!

  7. Nasha

    Loving the look Mattie!

  8. Thanks so much, ladies! So glad you guys like! :)

  9. mattie you look so so so beautiful! the hat, the earrings, all the accessories, that lovely dress and best of all, your stunning smile! i love everything about this look as well as the wonderful confidence you’re emanating!! =)

  10. Love the creativity! Fashion is just so much fun, isn’t it?
    xo, f
    The House in the Clouds

  11. LOVE that dress!!!! The straw tote addition is superb too! Glad to see u are back! yay!

  12. I never imagined your dress to be a skirt…seriously…you did a good job and it isn’t that obvious…I love how you smiled and showed what summer is all about…fun and fabulous…I definitely love your earrings my dear!!!


  13. I love the way you turned the skirt into a dress! You accessorized beautifully too!

  14. Love this look! So soft and pretty!

    I also love the format of your blog!

    It’s so cute!

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