Mattie Muse: Eclectic Daze

Photography: Diamonde Williamson

Made a new friend. His name is Bob the Dolphin. That’s right. I named him.

I was feeling really eclectic today. So naturally, I took a little June Ambrose with a pinch of Carrie Bradshaw plus a healthy dose of myself (I was going to refer to myself in third person but threw up a little in my mouth) and VOILA! This is what I got. It’s funny. Two years ago if you would have suggested this outfit I would have excessively ridiculed you to the point of tears. But now I see that when things don’t go together at first sight, it’s up to you and your style to make it something special. Isn’t that the charm of all our style icons? Most of them anyways.

Off to pin and eat lunch. I mean, what else are you supposed to do during your lunch break?

SHIRT: Bitten by SJP (old) | SKIRT: ZARA (last season) | SHOES: RACHEL Rachel Roy ‘Celio’ booties | NECKLACE: Nakate project | BAG: ASOS | EARRINGS & BRACELETS: Mattieologie x Miss B Fab | HEAD SCARF: leftover African fabric

Clueless on how to tie a head scarf like I did in this outfit post? Be sure to check out my video on various ways to wear (and tie) a head scarf. Want more pictures? Be sure to check out the outtakes on the Mattieologie Facebook fan page.

10 Responses to Mattie Muse: Eclectic Daze

  1. You need to give me that skirt…like now! and, great minds think alike because I am rocking the leopard turban/ headwrap today LOL!

    you know i am all about this look… color, texture, prints…all in one FABULOUS outfit!

    and Diamonde is killing it with the photography. I love the 2nd picture. it’s gorgeous!

  2. Yall are making me want to rock a turban asap! I am wearing a turban headband today. Love this look.

  3. Nia B

    I love it!! So darling. What a bore the world would be if we all looked the same. It’s good to get that “second look” (even if people don’t get it – lol!).

  4. I have that shirt in blue!!! It’s ashame that line didn’t work out…it was pretty nice from what I can remember….I love the look…still working up the nerve to go eclectic…we’ll see how that works out…You only pin during lunch??? LOL have a great rest of your day!!!

  5. This is a great look! Your head wrap and accessories bring the whole outfit together.

  6. So cute!!! Love all the bright colors!

  7. i like! eclectic for sure…

  8. I absolutely LOVE this!

  9. Tia

    Love this look Mattie!


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