Mattie Muse: Dark & Lovely

Photography: Diamonde Williamson

If Carrie Bradshaw was African and her name was Mattie, she’d be me.

I’d like to think that anyway.

TOP: thrifted crop top stolen from the bestie | SKIRT: ASOS Africa | SHOES: ZARA | NECKLACE & BAG: Nakate | EARRINGS: Forever 21 | BRACELETS: Mattieologie x Miss B Fab, Forever 21 | RING: Beads by Aree | SUNNIES: Ray Ban c/o Sunglass Hut

When I threw on this spectacular ASOS Africa skirt with my Nakate purse and necklace, I felt so feminine and chic. And then I asked myself, “why do I stray away from darker colors during the summer?”

Sure neons and brights are uber fun, but there’s something fantastic about a dark palette with a pop of color that is remotely charming. This skirt is organza (and somewhat see through) but I’m already trying to figure out how to wear it repeatedly without being repetitive. I’ve got to tell you, it may not work and I still might do it anyway.

My ZARA glittery sandals still do an outfit post good. Thank you sweet adolescent Jesus. (And because I love you, here’s a sweet gif…t. Get it?)

5 Responses to Mattie Muse: Dark & Lovely

  1. super cute outfit! i had no idea there was an ASOS Africa *runs to google*

  2. Nice look. The neon orange is a nice addition to the other wise subdued color palette. I absolutely love your purse.

  3. Ria

    Love those shoesssss! Such a tease. That is a great skirt.

  4. I LOVE that bag and your nails.
    I have a similar skirt and I can’t wait to wear it.

  5. Taryn Nicole

    Beautiful, sophisticated, simple, yet elegant outfit. I feel like it’s a modern twist of Audrey Hepburn goes to Africa. It’s understated and bold at the same time. Just a thought because I have a similar skirt: If you have a jersey dress or tunic that loosens either at the waist give or take a few inches, it would be uber cute as a petticoat underneath. It would give off a 50s vibe under the dress, and it would turn the tunic into a dress with a black trim at the bottom (which is the skirt). Then all you have to do is find the belt of your choice and voila! It’s a new dress. Hope that suggestion was helpful.

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