Mattie Muse: Crush

Photography: Diamonde Williamson

I’ve got to admit. I have a total crush on my new hair. And the color my skin is getting. Goodbye to paleness and hello to bronzeness.

The other day while I was at Madewell, I came across the amazing shorts. They’ve kind of got a grandpa goes golfing thing going on, but sometimes grandfathers be stylin’. At least mine did. You know I’m the queen of making a dress a top and this American Apparel top dress is no different.

How charming is this arch we found near the library?

TOP: American Apparel dress | SHORTS: Madewell | SHOES: MICHAEL Michael Kors | NECKLACE: Nakate and Kanon Vodka monocle souvenir | BELT: vintage | SUNNIES: vintage per American Apparel | BAG: H&M

12 Responses to Mattie Muse: Crush

  1. Very chic; love it. I also love the color of your lipstick.

  2. I like your hair too!!

  3. I absolutely love it all! The casual look, the hair, the splash of coral! Definitely feelin it! :)

  4. You look amazing!!! I just love this!

  5. I do love that hair, Mattie! RUN THAT!

  6. I simply adore this look. It reminds of me a vintage belt I should have grabbed the other day. Hopefully its still there today.

  7. Cute! I’m really loving the hair!

  8. Ria

    Totally love the shorts and the lipcolor. It all just works. Great location as well.

  9. Necole

    Mattie I LOVE the hair! YES indeed!

  10. JaysMom

    Your hair and outfit is too cute!

  11. super cute!!

  12. That lip color is fire! I love those shorts, too!

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