Photography: Diamonde Williamson

TOP: Savannah Rae dress | SKIRT: H&M (old) | SHOES: c/o ShoeDazzle (they’re on sale!) | BAG: ASOS | NECKLACE: Fab’rik | BRACELETS: c/o Honesty Jewelry, Free People | RING: c/o JewelMint

Super duper quick post today.

Wore lots of color. LOTS. It’s funny though because a year ago you never would have seen me in an outfit this bright. But I will say that blogging has made my style efforts much more bold. I’m definitely becoming more of a chameleon. You can put me in head to toe neon or leather skirt or a super chill casual outfit and in some way I will make it work. Not because it’s name brand or because I’m trying to please the masses, but because – and I can say this without hesitation – I’m completely comfortable in my own skin…clothes.

That’s the thing about being a chameleon. You’ve got to be comfortable in your skin (clothes) before you can change them.

5 Responses to Chameleon

  1. I’m loving the colors. I said the same thing on twitter today. My blog has definitely taught me what works and doesn’t work for me. That necklace is a showstopper!

  2. So many beautiful colors in this look! I love everything.

  3. Love the bag…

  4. Ria

    So there with you, I never would have worn a lot of what I wear now before I started blog. Love those shoes! Never would have expected it from ShoeDazzle.

  5. I LOVE this outfit. Bright colors have been the highlight of my summer as well.

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