Mattie Muse: Attention To Detail

Don’t you get excited when you find a piece in your closet you totally forgot you had and you totally love it?! TOTALLY! A year or so ago, my friend Rachel made me this skirt with some fabric the bestie brought back from Liberia. I know, my friends are I haven’t worn it in a while and I was so pleased to come across it when I was getting dressed. Because the print is so prominent, I figured there’s no point in being shy (what’s that?) with the accessories. I’m totally smitten over my Heart of Haiti necklace I received a few weeks ago and I’m sure you guys have noticed it in a few other of my outfit posts. I paired it up with a leaf cuff I haven’t worn in a while, “Geoffrey” (my double headed giraffe bracelet) which is tarnished but I refuse to give him up, my silver bracelet from Sherane’s Vintage Closet and an African bracelet I wore for the Miss Liberia pageant.

It’s funny that I can tell you where all of these pieces are from – who made them, where I bought them and when. But I can’t tell you what I ate for dinner last night. (I’m so lying – it was red beans and rice.) When it comes to the things and people I love, I always pay attention to detail. Or at least I act like I do, so no one’s feelings are hurt. I know. Thoughtful.

TOP: American Apparel dress | BOTTOM: custom skirt | SHOES: Bakers | NECKLACES: Forever 21 | BRACELETS: c/o Heart of Haiti, Forever 21, Sherane’s Vintage Closet & African bracelet | BAG: Halston Heritage | SUNNIES: Ray Ban c/o Sunglass Hut

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8 Responses to Mattie Muse: Attention To Detail

  1. That skirt is gorgeous & I’m in love with your accessories!


  2. melissima

    that fabric is stunning. the red and blue are so rich! adore this!

  3. You look so fllyyy! Love that custom skirt…the colors and print are so cute and vibrant! The AA top/dress is cute too…i want it in the camel color. :)

  4. @Taliah You’re so fly. That top/dress in camel would amazeballs. And since AA had every possible color in the history of the world, I’m sure we could find it. Ha! xo

  5. Amazing accessories and skirt! Wowza!!! My memory’s funky, too. I’ll forget someone’s name but remember their life story…

  6. Love the ankara skirt.

  7. soulshadow55

    Wow, you’re looking so well put together. I do really love the skirt. The fabric and the print so are unique. Don’t know how you could have forgotten it in your closet? But I’m glad that you rediscovered it and shared it with us.

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