Mattie Muse: A Mix Up

Was it me or was yesterday warmer than anticipated? It was totally 70 degrees in November. It seemed like the weather had a mix up. No worries though. I still rocked my suede boots like it was kinda cold. My outfit totally consisted of things I like that don’t necessarily “go together”. I’ve got to admit it, sometimes I can overthink an outfit especially if I’m going to post my outfit. (Hey, I’m only human.) But this time around, I let my hair down (or out in my case) and threw on accessories I adored and my favorite pair of boots with my favorite thrifted pieces. It’s like a jambalaya of my style. When you go with what you love and feel completely comfortable in what you’re wearing those are the best types of ensembles. Oh yeah, my hair is sorta getting bigger by the day. So loving it.

P.S. – I’m also wearing some bracelets from the Mattieologie x Miss B Fab collaboration collection. Cannot wait to share them with you all!

JACKET: vintage Calvin Klein | DRESS: H&M | BOOTS: BCBG | BAG: fhrifted | NECKLACES: Nakate & Forever 21 | BRACELETS: Heart of Haiti + Mattieologie x Miss B Fab | RING: Forever 21 & Hubs

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6 Responses to Mattie Muse: A Mix Up

  1. 70 degrees? Try 82! Nonetheless, we must persevere for Fall fashion! This is such a chic look; I love the pairing of navy and black! Your bracelets are fab; can’t wait to hear more about your collaboration.

  2. Nice outfit! Love the necklaces!

  3. LOVE THE CLUTCH!!!!!!!!

  4. I’ve broken out the wool peacoat here, lol. You loook great, I love all of your accessories and your hair! :))

  5. Style me bad

    So excited to hear more about this collection girl!! You look fab as always! Xoxo

  6. loving it!

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