Mattie Muse: A Conversation Piece

Yesterday was gorgeous and I felt like wearing some African print. I had a meeting in the afternoon and then I headed to the launch of African Pride in the evening. So obviously, it was more than approps. As you’ve probably noticed, I love jumpers. They make my heart soar. Especially ones with pockets. And since I was headed to an event where I would be networking I wanted to wear a conversation piece. So I decided to wear a headtie – which I totally freestyled – and indeed it did spark conversation. I always try to wear something that’ll POP when I’m in black. I scored the earrings from a street vendor in Harlem circa 2008. Easily one of my favorite accessories. This jumper can easily make me look freakishly small so I added Hubs’ belt to create shape.

JUMPER: Gracia Fashion per Karmaloop
BRACELET: Forever 21
EARRINGS: Harlem street vendor
BELT: Hubs

4 Responses to Mattie Muse: A Conversation Piece

  1. I’m so envious of your headtying skills!! Gorgeous!

    Twitter: @ConsiderMeLuvly

  2. Thanks so much, Rocquelle! I was totally freestyling – no pins – and it actually came together. Thank God! LOL.

  3. You are so damn cute! Love that you tied the head wrap as your conversation piece- mega cute. And umm those shoes! Can I have please!!

  4. Melisa

    I love this look, especially the head wrap!

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