Fashionably Fit With Under Armour & Lady Foot Locker

This is me looking like I work out. Me and Jesus both know that I don’t. And after an evening last week a few more people know now too.

Last week, Lady Foot Locker invited a few Atlanta bloggers out to get fashionably fit at an exclusive Training C.A.M.P. with Under Armour. Now, when I think about Under Armour I usually think about football players or the gentlemen who want to show off their muscles at the gym (or inappropriately – the club). So, I was pleasantly surprised with the fantastic women’s workout gear I scored when I arrived at the workout.

There to kick our butts was celebrity trainer Curtis Williams, who I’m sure gave us the hardest 20 minute workout known to man. I knew I was out of shape, but he gave me beating. By the end, I could feel my thighs tightening up.

But I must say, that I was enlightened. You don’t have to workout in sweats. You can indeed still look feminine and be fit. My favorite of the UA gear were the shoes. They’re water resistant!

A huge thanks to Rebecca and the Lady Foot Locker/Under Armour team for having me out. Be sure check out the pieces from the Under Armour Women’s collection at Lady Foot Locker. And of course, follow Lady Foot Locker and Under Armour on Twitter.

With the holidays coming up, I need to find a workout that’ll keep off those extra holiday calories. How do you stay #fashionablyfit?

3 Responses to Fashionably Fit With Under Armour & Lady Foot Locker

  1. Stay fit? Walk everywhere on campus. I never use the elevator and e go the long way to get to classes if I have the time. Planning to start hitting out new gym on campus soon and will get lots of cute work out clothes soon!

  2. Ria

    You look so good in your little workout gear! I’ve been wanting to workout but I don’t have cute stuff to wear. I wanna look like this if people are gonna see me failing left and right because when I saw I’m out of shape…I did a 30 min workout recently for 7 min…I was sore for 2 days. EMBARRASSING.

  3. I hate the soreness the next day and even more that third day.
    Not any more!

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