Mattie Motivation: 21 Day Affirmations Challenge

I mentioned two weeks ago on “Midday Mattieologie” that the lovely Kristen Smith had motivated me into 21 Days of Affirmations to make the goals in my life a reality. Well, we decided that all of you should take the challenge as well. Below, Kristen challenges to live your best life through 21 Days of Affirmations:

Peace & Blessings to all of my readers in the world of cyberspace. I hope that your day has been amazing thus far. My name is Kristen a.k.a the “Sanguine Dreamer”. In due time, you will get to learn more about me but right now, I am here to EMPOWER you. Welcome to the 1st day and the BEST day of the REST of your LIFE. Our Journey will be a full-fledge manifestation of GREATNESS. If you’re ready, let’s begin :)

Today’s Topic: #21DayAffirmationsChallenge a.k.a #21DayJourney.

Everyone wants to live an AMAZING LIFE and if no one has told you, this is your DESTINY. You were CREATED for your LIFE to be AMAZING in all areas. Everything in YOUR life should be a full-fledge catalogue of all the things that you have ATTRACTED by the power of your THOUGHTS and your FEELINGS. If you are not satisfied with how your LIFE has turned out, the only one to blame is YOU. Today, make a declaration that “This Day, I’m going from a place of UNCERTAINTY to CERTAINTY because my LIFE depends on it”. It’s time to cut some people/places/things LOOSE and FREE yourselves from negativity. My mission/purpose in life: to inspire others and show them the GREATNESS that they already possess and this is how we became connected today. If you are ready for this journey, #let’sGO.

The #21DayAffirmationsChallenge a.k.a #21DayJourney is a prep-course to living an EXTRAORDINARY life. Scientific research has proven that it takes “21 Days” to form a new habit. So in order for you to raise your VIBRATIONS to attract more of what you WANT, it’s time to change your thinking. I celebrate your journey for this will truly be LIFE changing. You will be speaking so many things into EXISTENCE that you will shock yourself. This is a GREAT thing for from this comes CHANGE.

So here is your assignment today:
“Even through the midst of it ALL, you SHALL have PEACE.”
Tonight, there is a funeral you NEED to attend. The person you will be laying to rest is NEGATIVITY. It is the OLD you and all the people/places/things that you WERE connected too. By burning all the negative words/thoughts/pictures/significant things, you are FREELY allowing them to be RELEASED in to the universe. You are LETTING GO of your PAST and CREATING newness in the PRESENT. what a GREAT GIFT :) I support you in your JOURNEY & celebrate your NEW life.

Feel free to contact me at [email protected] or you can find me on Twitter.

Blessings of Light, Love, & Abundance,

“The Sanguine Dreamer”

3 Responses to Mattie Motivation: 21 Day Affirmations Challenge

  1. What an inspiring issue. I believe many people need to rid themselves of toxic people/thoughts/habits in order to find some form of peace. Peace beyond all understanding that not even the birds and the bees can interrupt. I’m eager to take on this 21 Days of Affirmations to make the goals in my life a reality.

  2. Michelle

    I love this too I do affirmations i go off sometimes but I try and will try harder… 21 days to change a habit my bf and I before reading your post are doing a 21 day challenge of no butting food in the street including coffee which is my hardest we are cooking carrying fruits and our water bottles..we want to move and it doesn’t make sense to waste money we are also cooking from a cook book…cooking with him is so romantic and we r saving double whammy!!! Thanks for all the inspiration proud of you Mattie!

  3. Thanks, Michelle! I appreciate it! Stay tuned. There’s a part 2 to this challenge. I’m proud you guys as well :)

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