Mattie Money: 5 Reasons AmEx’s New Prepaid Card Makes Your Life Easier

Recently, American Express launched their new and improved prepaid card and sent me over one to give it a try. (“You want ME to use this card for shopping for anything I want? That can be arranged.”) It was convenient, easy to use (almost everyone takes American Express) and really compatible with my life. I mean I can do everything from shop online, set myself on a budget (without going over), not worry about overdraft fees and can totally rely on it during travel. I like shopping. Guilt free and more so, hassle free. (I mean is anyone a fan of interest or hidden fees? Didn’t think so.) So if you’re like me, this card will do you good. Take a look at 5 reasons the new American Express prepaid card will absolutely make your life easier.

PROTECTION. I know we’ve come a long way into ecommerce, online shopping and anything like it. But if you’re like me and you order things from online you don’t always like putting your debit card information on your computer or tablet. You just never know. Hackers still exist. With the AmEx prepaid card, you put a fixed amount on it (whatever your budget is) and use what’s on it. It’s not connected to an account or even credit line, just what’s on the card. Worse case scenario, if your info is hacked online, they can only take what you loaded on the card. And the maximum is $2500. While losing $2500 would be major, it pales in comparison to what you lose if it was your actual debit card.

BUDGET. Yeah. I know this is the part where I should say that I’m uber responsible and have totally self control when it comes to shopping, but it just. isn’t. true. I need to set myself on a budget just like anyone else. Leaving my debit card behind and using my AmEx prepaid card with an allotted spending amount is much better for my pockets. And Hubs’ patience.

EMERGENCY. While everything may be going perfectly fine in your debit/credit card relationship (which is possible, but least likely) there’s nothing wrong with stashing away for a rainy day. Sure, you have a savings but things happen, people ask for favors and we’re in a recession. Stashing away enough to cover a mortgage payment or two just in case, can totally be done with AmEx prepaid. It last for five years before expiration without incurring any fees (aside from ATM withdrawals – but who really uses cash nowadays?). Totally use it as your rainy day fund.

TRAVEL. I always get nervous to use my card or go out with it when I’m out of town. I go through the nervous scenario questions like “what if I learn my card and I don’t have cash on me? My bank’s not anywhere near here” and “if I take cash out I could get robbed”. Yes, I’m that girl. But with the new AmEx prepaid card, again, stash whatever you want to spend that night, day or even week you’re there and then leave your debit or credit card somewhere safe.

CONVENIENCE. Just read an article on another bank planning to charge debit card fees. (Because apparently, banks don’t make enough money.) The new AmEx prepaid card is something that won’t charge fees (aside from ATM withdrawals – but again not a problem if you don’t use cash) and transfers money from your bank account. It’s accepted at any location that accepts American Express and if you happen to lose it – because things happen – AmEx will replace the funds. You can also order up to three cards which is great for a family on a budget or even a small company with little start up funds.

I’m really glad I got this card. I am absolutely maneuvering it into my financial life. I don’t believe in credit cards (if you don’t have it, why spend it?) and this is a great option for me to shop more safely and conveniently. Interested in getting a new American Express prepaid card? Order one here and find out how it works.

Disclosure: In accordance with the FTC Guidelines, I am disclosing that I am being compensated for contributing to The American Express Prepaid Card, however, the content and thoughts shared about American Express are my own.

7 Responses to Mattie Money: 5 Reasons AmEx’s New Prepaid Card Makes Your Life Easier

  1. Pre paid cards are good for those who have to stick to a budget. I work at a call center and it is amazing how many calls I get customers claiming fraud. I heard that ever 30 seconds or something like that someone is stealing another one’s card number, social security, etc. Pretty sad I must say!

  2. OMG, Heidi! That’s crazy. Yeah, I really like how safe the AmEx card makes shopping and making transactions period. Plus, with all the major banks charging ridiculous fees, it’s fantastic option. xo

  3. I just ordered one all because of you! Thanks for sharing…

  4. Yay! Glad to hear it :)

  5. WHAT’S THE CATCH! Lol…I was opening another account JUST FOR EXPENSES; but like you said with ALL the bank Fees, I think I’m going to take a look at this card. THANKS :)

  6. Thank you so much for this review! I’ve been using my savings account to stash money because I figured if I didn’t see it I couldn’t use it but I do see it and sadly it gets used lol but if I could leave it at home and only use it for bills I might just make it! Ordering this now, thank you much!!

  7. I only use this card for taking clients to lunch. I’ve gotten rid of my debit card altogether. I find that thing was more of a hassle than anything else.
    I have a master card I use for groceries, gas, food and the general essentials of life.
    I love that I don’t carry anything with me that is directly connected to my bank account. I also have an American Express Business Charge Card but that’s for clothing and higher end items. I only use it where I’m in view of my card at all times.

    And that’s what I love about the prepaid Amex card, the waiter walks off with it and I don’t care because I only keep $1k on it at all times. I’ve learned living in a big city and going out every day that the way identity is stolen is two-fold; one, people rummage through restaurant trash and two, people pay waiters to call in the numbers to them. They don’t use the accounts most of the time, rather, they use the information derived from it.
    But the other thing I found out from an FBI friend of mine is if it’s a prepaid card people automatically don’t even pay attention to it. Because prepaid systems, since they don’t charge any type of fees are connected to a person in a different manner than a charge or credit card.

    good stuff.

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