Mattie Moment: Mattiepalooza & the 2012 Style Bloggers of Color Conference

I am beyond happy and over the moon to say that Mattiepalooza and the 2012 Style Bloggers of Color conference happened this past weekend. A huge thank you to everyone who attended, spoke or was a vendor – it was because of YOU that it even happened. I would love to go on and on AND on about how amazing the weekend was but I think my feelings and thoughts on the event will be better captured through video.

Much thanks to panelists – Kim, Tiffini, Monroe, Marie, Christen, Charles, Danica, Amber, Nicole, Myleik, Shalawn, Alexis, Marian, Allison, Katie, Ria & Tia :) The information you all shared on Saturday was so insightful, helpful & necessary. Your stories and advice have changed my thinking and encouraged me to become the blogger I’ve always wanted to be.

To our keynote speaker, Claire: your story made us all realize that taking risks and presenting quality content are key to being successful as a blogger and that being involved involved in the blogging community is what will takes us far. Thank you so much for speaking and making the SBOC Awards so special.

To the Atlanta Style BloggersBreck, Kristen, Eboni, Trina, Allison & Jessica – you guys rocked it in the Mattiepalooza fashion show. Thanks so much for being a part of my crazy vision.

Also huge thank you’s to our partners/sponsors: Google, Smartwater, Beautiful Textures, Bronner Bros., Nakate, Sole Society & Lamik Beauty. Just the fact that you believe in the Style Bloggers of Color community means the world. We’re so excited to work together again for the conferences to come.

To Carter – you truly put your foot into the fashion show. Thank you for being so good, so creative and so thoughtful. A thank you to you and the entire James Taylor firm.

To Shawntel of SOA Event Concepts, who planned the events this weekend, thank you so much for believing in Mattiepalooza as much as I do and making my vision our vision. Your hard work and the valiant effort put forth by your team is the reason why SBOC 2012 was so special. Thank you 1000 times.

To my team – Diamonde, Nes & Ashley – you girls make my world go ’round. Thank you for putting up with my abrupt requests, crazy ideas and impossible expectations. Thank you for bending over backwards, going the extra mile and giving 200%. To Adia, we missed you tons. And thank you for all your work on social media leading up to the conference.

To the attendees, thanks so much for letting us be a part of your weekend and lives. All of your tweets, posts and sweet words have not been overlooked. I’m forever indebted to you guys making the inaugural SBOC conference happen.

Be sure to check out more photos on the Style Bloggers of Color Facebook page and read more about it on the SBOC website.

12 Responses to Mattie Moment: Mattiepalooza & the 2012 Style Bloggers of Color Conference

  1. Aww, yay Mattie!! I am glad Mattiepalooza and SBOC Conference were a success!! Now politely hand over that necklace. Lol

  2. First I would just like to say that, Mattie you are absolutely gorgeous dear! I cant even imagine how much time, effort and hard work you and your team put forward to make this fabulous weekend a pure success. From the pics alone, I can tell it was done in class and style! Everyone looked stunning. I will DEF be at the next conference! and once again thanks for nominating me for the Best personal Style blog!!! xo

  3. Ria

    Thanks so much for having me at SBOC! It was a great experience moderating the panel and I learned a lot. I think you’re an amazing person with a fabulous personality. I hope to see you again soon! <3

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  5. @Rocquelle LOL. Thanks, boo!

    @Taliah Thanks, honeyface! Looking forward to having you.

    @Ria You were such a pleasure. Thanks so much for being a part :) Everyone loved you!

  6. wow awesome pictures!!!! Sounds like it was an awesome event

  7. dang i wish i could have been there. next time…

  8. Lue

    Mattie, your look for the event was fab! More specifically, I love your nail polish. It’s a MUST have. Who makes it and what color is it?

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  10. SilkyWrapsRoxy

    I can only imagine the level of fabulosity! All my favorite bloggers re raving about the events. Good work and much blessings for the next one!

  11. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It looks like it was fabulous just like I knew it would be!! We need to get on the phone so I can hear the debrief ;) SO proud of and happy for you. WHAT a birthday :-) xo

  12. Aww I wish there was something like this in the UK, the conference looks like it was awesome. I’ll keep following you from across the pond and maybe one day SBOC will make its way to London. Keep up the good work.
    X x

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