Mattie Moment: Earth, Wind & Fire at Chastain Park

On Friday, Hubs and I excitedly went to the Earth, Wind & Fire concert at Chastain Park. American Express sent me some tickets to go and it worked out perfectly because my 2nd wedding anniversary was last week as well! Parking was so full and took a while to find but once we got in, we had a blast. I don’t think I sat down once. I couldn’t help but be in a groove when they performed songs like “September”, “Shining Start” & “Boogie Wonderland”. The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra played with the iconic funk band – who are celebrating their 40th anniversary this year!

It was such a good time! Especially since at Chastain Park you can bring your own food and drink. Hubs made angel hair pasta, we loaded the AmEx prepaid card and bought some French bread and Riesling to go with. By loading the card earlier that week, we were able to take care of food and parking for the concert without any hassle.

The funniest part about the concert? When lead singer Philip Bailey stated, “A lot of you were conceived on Earth, Wind & Fire. That makes us your godfathers.” An undeniable truth for sure. And don’t be mistaken, Philip hit those high notes while guitarist Verdine White played the heck out of his guitar and wowed us with his all white leather ensemble.

That’s right. All. White. Leather. With fringe.

Unfortunately, you can’t take pictures in the amphitheater but I managed to sneak a quick one while I was there. Pictures or not, it was a September to remember.

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  1. Rosilen

    My first EW&F concert was at the tender age of 10! HOOKED EVER SINCE!!

  2. aaron

    omg i love your styl your fashion and everything. I was wondering can you hook a sister up with that i need help.. ugh i need help sneakers and jenas are what i wear but i wanna give my man more.

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