Mattie Model: Coco Rocha

I’m not sure why I’m just thinking about her because Coca Rocha is my favorite model nowadays. Possibly even ever. The Canadian born model is so unique looking and I’ve never forgotten her when she first hit the seen with her extra fiery red hair. She’s always light and happy and being herself. With the fashion industry being so elitist, so many people in it have the tendency to take themselves too seriously. She’s never been one of those people. She’s literally been the face of every major fashion label – Dior, Chanel, YSL, Zac Posen, H&M, Gap, Dolce & Gabbana and has been featured numerous times in almost every edition of Vogue. The great thing about Coco is that she can easily transition from editorial to commercial without skipping a beat. It’s never been weird to see her in a D&G ad then in an ad for Gap. It just works for her. She was just recently married in France this summer and made a short film of her fairy tale wedding across the Atlantic in a castle in the Loire Valley of France. (See here.) I was elated to find her in the new ads for Nordstrom in this month’s Vogue. She looks fabulous per usual. Check out clips of the ad below.

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