Mattie Mingles: Sam Fine Comes To Atlanta

Sunday I got the chance to attend a master class with make up guru, Sam Fine. Haute Travels Beauty hosted the amazing MUA who’s done everyone’s face from Iman (did her face for the Met this year!), Naomi Campbell, Paula Patton & Tyra Banks. Even though he’s one of the biggest beauty professionals in the world, he was so down to earth and an amazing teacher. He taught us everything from contouring to blending and how to make it in the beauty industry. I got the chance to talk to Sam and the ladies in attendance asked him some great questions. Here’s (some of) what he had to say:

On how to achieve the perfect look for a certain kind of customer:
“Find the balance between what the customer wants & what satisfies you as an artist.”

On blending:
“Spackle before you paint.”

On ultimate coverage:
“Build coverage. Cream will go a lot further than liquid.”

On how to determine what to charge as an artist:
“This is not an industry that gives you a raise.”

On powder:
“Use a loose translucent powder to set. Pressed powder.”

On color matching:
“The center of the face isn’t a place where you have to match color, it’s only has to relate.”

On being a “diva”:
“It’s not ego, it’s business. When you buy Louboutins it’s for the name, it’s for the red soles. People want to work with you because of who you’ve worked with and who you are.”

And this was just the tip of the iceberg. He has so much information and really understands his craft. He was recently named the Creative Director of Fashion Fair Cosmetics. If you ever get the chance to meet him and attend one of his classes (especially as a make up artist) – YOU MUST!

Be sure to pick his DVD, Fine: The Basics of Beauty (Haute Travels has some available for sale) and follow him on Twitter!

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  1. Style me bad

    I seriously need to learn make up tricks, because the stuff you can don to your face is amaze with the right tools. I need to leRn how to make my face skimmer, any tips? And how cool that you got to meet him!

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