Mattie Mingles: Kanon Vodka ATL Launch

Is there anything better than a good a__ party? Barely. And apparently, the good folks at Kanon Vodka know that. They launched here in Atlanta a couple days ago at the spectacular Goat Farm. The drinks were flowing (obvs…) and dinner was beyond. BE. YOND. With 60 of Atlanta’s most influential including Eboni Ife, Nicole Garner & many others, the launch was a ball. A Kanon ball to be exact. Sorry, I just couldn’t help myself. The pun was inevitable. Check out pics and my recap on the Kanon blog.

4 Responses to Mattie Mingles: Kanon Vodka ATL Launch

  1. I love your pants and your top knot completes the look ever so nicely!

  2. Abriauna

    LOVING this outfit! Who/what are you wearing?

  3. GOrgeous green pants! SOunds like a great time!

  4. Oh Those pants are to die for chica! I am definitely green right now! lol

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