Mattie Method: How To Monetize Your Blog

Everyone who is serious about transitioning their blog to a business or brand has a common goal at hand: monetizing the blog.

Traditional Way = Google Adsense & Affiliate Programs

Don’t concentrate on being so traditional. Don’t be afraid to break the rules and make your blog the exception. Build relationships that’ll benefit the success of your blog and the businesses/companies/people associated with it. Create your own opportunities by putting yourself out there in an irresistible package.

Here’s how you monetize your blog: by creating SPACE.

We’re all good at something. Offer people, readers, followers, complete (but sane) strangers your services! Do you style? Maybe you do freelance photography? Social media expert? All of these things can earn you substantial revenue. Create a tab on your blog that says services and explain what you offer briefly. Then when someone contacts you, send them the specifics and before you know opportunities will begin to flow. Everyone is not good at everything, so master what you’re good at and capitalize/monetize that talent as a service.

Who doesn’t like branded merchandise?! If you’ve got a great following, create a cute t-shirt with the name of your blog on it or even a saying you frequently used. Many people have profited off of t-shirts with their twitter name on it. Plus, it’s a great way to gain followers. Do you sew yourself or make awesome accessories? Get to work and put some of those things online directly on your blog.

Stop relying on Adsense solely. You will be poor forever. Get out there to your local businesses or online businesses you shop yourself and offer advertising space at a competitive rate. Ok, so you’re not Bryanboy or Perez Hilton. Even if you don’t have the attractive numbers yet, highlight what makes your blog stand out and find sponsors at a flat rate. If you get ten $25 sponsors monthly, that’s still $250.

While you may be far from collaborating with Target or Forever 21, join forces with someone who you respect and have access too. Know a really cool T-shirt designer on your campuses. Join forces and create an exclusive shirt where readers can purchase on your blog & share the profit with the designer. Create a commission based relationship with a boutique. The possibilities with this are endless. Don’t underestimate the power of numbers.

We all love going out and having a good time. Get your readers excited and create an event with a promoter or event planner you know. Maybe you can have a presentation for a local designer or a showcase for an artist and invite your readers. Either get a sponsor – it’s a great way to get them exposure. And if you have to charge, it’s a great way to show the venue that you have a following, can help their business and possibly have more events.

You don’t have to have a million readers to truly profit from your blog. You just have to be willing to put in work and make others realize why you’re blog is special. What are you doing – are going to do – to monetize your blog?

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  1. Really great information Mattie, and you are pure hotness in that picture!

  2. Thanks, Rocquelle! I think that monetizing your blog seems difficult in thought, but it’s actually very attainable :)

  3. Good advice… I bookmarked your blog. I’m glad I found it.

  4. Very helpful indeed! We’ve been trying to think of ways to earn money for our company and these are really great ideas! Now time to work!!

  5. I am pretty new to the blog world, it’s been 4 months but I am starting to build a good fan base. Up until now, the focus has been putting together good content, and coming up with new ideas. I think it may be time to take a look at ways to monetize my blog! So glad to have discovered you and these are some great ideas! Hope you’ll stop by, I’d love to hear your ideas on my blog!

  6. This is great information, thanks for providing this to other bloggers out on the internet. I will definitely take the information you providing and actually implement it.

  7. Thanks for the information that you provided for all of us in the blogosphere. This is really good for us who are entrepreneurially minded. My goal is to take the information provided here and actually implement it. Thanks again Mattie!

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