7 Ways To Throw A Kick Ass Blogger Event

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Last month, I had the chance to attend Cocktails & Couture hosted by Lianne of The Makeup Girl. This was my second time attending (I went in February) and I must say, it is indeed one of the go to blogger events during NYFW. It just kicks ass. There’s no other way to put it. As the director of both Atlanta Style Bloggers and Style Bloggers of Color, I’ve held many blogger events – which is no easy feat. But I’ve got to say, Lianne has got this down to a science. And this time I took mental notes. Here’s how to throw a kick ass blogger event and make it memorable.

1. If possible, get a step and repeat. It gives people a reason to take (more) pictures.
I’ve almost been blogging for three years and even I forget to take pictures. Especially when I’m having a good time. You see old colleagues you haven’t seen in a while, have a few drinks and totally forget. But when there’s a step and repeat at the event, then taking pictures becomes an activity you want to do with the people you’re with. It becomes fun, memorable and inevitable. Also, it’s a great marketing tool because obviously your event will be remembered when attendees look back at the photo because of the branded step and repeat as the back drop.

2. Cupcakes makes the world go ’round.
Even if you can’t provide party goers with food, you can never go wrong with sweets. No, literally. YOU CANNOT. I mean I have yet to meet the person who doesn’t like cupcakes. Especially free ones. Eating is convenient and a great ice breaker for conversation. And if you really want to get fancy, you can get cupcakes with icing the same color of your blog. Cupcakes, cookies or candy that’s presented beautifully will always draw good attention. Or at least keep the energy up.

3. Keep the drinks flowing…and named.
People like alcohol. Free alcohol. That doesn’t run out. And when you give it a cute name, well, people explode into gold glitter from excitement. Ok, not really. But it is refreshing and it lets people know that you thought about the details. And more importantly, the drinks.

4. Flowers make things pretty. Always.
Maybe I’m really old fashioned and a girly girl, but I see flowers at an event, I take them more seriously. They automatically make an event pretty. Floral arrangements that make sense and aren’t offensively overdone, really sophisticate a space.

5. Always make time for a photo opp with your guests.
Cocktails & Couture is always a packed event but Lianne has always had time to not only to speak to me but to take a photo with me. ALWAYS. And this is an event where anywhere from 150-200 showed up. Is it easy? Of course not. But if it was, then everybody would be doing it.

6. Invite a glam squad. For everybody.
Glam squads make people – especially bloggers – feel special. And when bloggers feel special, they talk about you. And when they talk about you more people want to come to your events in the future. At Cocktails & Couture, there’s always a fantastic beauty sponsor glamming guests up. It’s a win-win situation. Everyone’s happy. And gorgeous.

7. Only invite people who like to dance and have a good time.
Um, I think this one speaks for itself.

MATTIE MUSE: Dress: Sachin + Babi c/o Rent the Runway | SHOES: c/o ShoeMint | PURSE: ASOS

4 Responses to 7 Ways To Throw A Kick Ass Blogger Event

  1. Thanks for providing tips. If you ever need cupcakes check out Never Dessert You. Thanks

  2. Totally agree with 1-3 and 6. The step and repeat is such an easy way to remind you to take photos! Love this event and love your makeup.

  3. Good points. great pics! looks like a cute event, i was already gone by then :(

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