Mattie Message: Why I Started Mattieologie

In honor of my 500th post (I know, can you believe it?!) I wanted to go over why I started Mattieologie. I have to admit over the last few months, so much has been going on that I too needed a reminder on what the purpose of this blog was – sans witty taglines and sayings.

Mattieologie is honestly a go to guide – a manual of the sort – to shopping, make-up and personal style. It’s where we can relate with one another because I know we all go through similar closet dilemmas, make up faux pas and life issues. When I first started blogging, it was as a hobby – a weekly or bi-weekly escape from the turmoil of retail management. Then I made the brave decision last January to make blogging my 9 to 5. Has it been hard? Absolutely. But I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Sure I’ve lost myself reading successful blogs, comparing myself to them and sporadically trying too hard. But then wonderful opportunities like Full Time Fabulous and being mentioned in the New York Times happens and I stop being so hard on myself. But 500 posts in, I want to make myself very clear: this is just the beginning. It will only get better – better content (spell check, more than 100 words), better pictures (more outfit of the day posts & hopefully an SLR purchase soon), better layouts (I’m starting to get the hang of this Photoshop thing) and a better me (did I mention I’ve been working out?).

And if I didn’t thank you guys for your sweet messages, comments, tweets and emails – I would have no soul. So, THANK YOU. Thank you, thank you & thank you again. You guys are truly the reason why I keep going – as cliché as it may sound – but it’s so true. Your stories, questions and support inspire me day in, day out to post better content. My personal platform is to “Be Better” and because of you I am forced to that every single day. If it makes any sense, I’m trying to be better at being better and the mission is to hit a million views by December 2011.

A MILLION views?!

Yes, a million. It’s my personal mission for Mattieologie because after all the awesomeness that has happened thanks to you all – I think KNOW we can do it. So if you’d like to help by retweeting on Twitter, sharing on Facebook and emailing your friends about this awesome site called Mattieologie, then please by all means.

I love you, readers. I really do and thank you from the bottom of my heart for making Mattieologie exactly what it’s supposed to be – not just a blog, but better.

11 Responses to Mattie Message: Why I Started Mattieologie

  1. Aww CONGRATS on getting to the 500th post! We readers <3 you too!!

  2. Congratulations!! I adore your blogsite and that you’re so forthright about growing and wanting to do betterf! It’s inspiring for other (newbie) bloggers like myself. Your content is refreshingly different than others, and is a joy to read. See you on Twitter queen!

  3. Thanks, Rocquelle! Love that you’re always so involved & vocal on my blog. You keep me going :)

  4. Thanks so much, Dawnavette! Blogging can be tough sometimes but through supportive emails, tweets & comments like these – we keep each other going…and sane! LOL.

  5. congrats on all the success you’ve had so far and i wish that you have more in the future!

    by the way, i am following you here and on twitter–glad to have found your site by way of the FTF Community.

  6. Congratulations! 500 posts is definitely a milestone. Keep on pushing and inspiring!

  7. This is such an inspiration! While I’m not planning to make blogging my 9 to 5 anytime soon, I do want to start taking it more seriously, and hopefully reap the benefits by seeing more traffic, growth, and reader engagement. I’m always happy to see other girls who are succeeding at professional blogging!

  8. @OhToBeAMuse Thanks, so much, Cheryl! I appreciate your kind words :)

  9. @RainyDayDiva Thank you, Denise! I’m excited and pushing for 500 more.

  10. @Becca Thanks, Becca. It’s been a challenging transition but in a good way. Excited to grow some more. Your sweet words are inspiring :)

  11. Congrats!! I look forward to many more posts on Mattieologie.

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